08 November 2006

And now for something completely different...

I've been teaching myself watercolour painting... I've dabbled over the years, but have recently decided to work at it more regularly. Hubby's Uncle Paul is a fantastic professional watercolourist (a member of the Australian Watercolour Institute no less) and he is a great source of inspiration to me.

This is what I painted last weekend.

A bright and cheery and above-all FAST painting, an exercise from a 'How to' book, with Windsor & Newton pan paints on 300 gsm rough laid paper.

This is a still life I set up, drew, and painted all by myself, with lemons from my mother's tree. Took about 4 hours in all, I guess (when I'm drawing and painting I lose track of time). Fairly happy with it, although the contrast and composition could be better. This was painted with Venezia tube paints on 300 gsm rough paper. I'm currently working on a second version of this still life.


  1. They are lovely! So pleased you are picking up the other kind of pointy sticks. :)

  2. Oh yeah, they ARE pointy sticks, too - hadn't thought of that! And there's fibre involved too - I have two real (very expensive) sable brushes, a hog's hair, and some bristle brushes which are jealously guarded, and several synthetic ones which I'm keen to replace - sound familiar? ;)

  3. Absolutely lovely Jejune! I particularly like the lemons. Put up more paintings as you do them so your appreciative audience can admire them!

  4. I'm incredibly impressed - they are gorgeous. My one and only foray into watercolours was much less successful and I did NOT find it relaxing.

    Just wait till Lulu finds your paints and your oh-so-expensive sable brushes!!!

  5. The thing about watercolours is you have to keep trying... for years :/

    Eeeeek! If Lulu's anything like my bad dotter, then yes, I'd better look out! I'm keeping them all high up on a shelf, where she won't be able to get them.

    Bad dotter painted our rented flat's wall when she was about 2 - she got into my acrylic paints, and was able to be *quite* creative before I noticed that she was being quiet - too quiet ... and we'd only moved in the day before!

    She's headed for the School of Art in a few years' time, so I guess the wall-painting episode (and come to think of it, many wall drawing episodes for years afterwards) was a harbinger of her passion in life ;)

    As for Lulu - she's just plain old naughty!

  6. oh! how fabulous! what a multi-talented woman you are :)

  7. Oooh, rallies. Love 'em Shall try to email support for the general function - will definitely email to the ACT Leg Ass. (intentionally shortened).

    Love the lamb and particularly your new id photo on blogger. V. cute, although I keep having this inner voice calling it Lambchop.

    I REALLY impressed by your watercolour composition. WC was something I was trying to get into a while back but lacked time/discipline to keep practising to develop my eye and improve technique. Good luck with it... does this mean there's not much happening on the puzzle front?

    Hopefully I'll see you next Sunday, too. Take care, Kate.


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