01 November 2006


This is my new blue Patonyle sock! I'm making the Crusoe pattern off Knitty for the top (ie rolled rim, and stranded pattern, adapted to smaller needles/thinner yarn) and then a standard sock for the rest.

And this is my mango peach sock wool dyed by Dear Dotter... OI! Lulu, PUT IT DOWN!

Pressies in the mail, pressies in the mail (happy dance)...! Mindful Knitting has finally arrived from the US - it's a fairly small compact book, with simple patterns, and lots of good mindful ideas.

LULU! Put that pencil down IMMEDIATELY!



  1. It's not pencil, it's a thought conductor. You are very hard on that little lamb. Sock looks like fun.

  2. im enjoying the exploits of lulu, you know shes going to need her own blog soon. mindful knitting, what a great idea. for myself, it could mean actually reading a pattern correctly :)

  3. Yay Lulu! More Lulu! Hubby just saw these photos and asked me to make a Lulu just for him. Is that weird? But I will. I'll have to get the pattern from you Jejune!

    ps More Lulu!

  4. The sock yarn looks very tasty indeed. Nice work, dotter!

  5. I love Lulu! More adventures please. Sock knitting and dyed yarn are YUMMY.


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