19 November 2006

The Cat Empire ROCKS

Just back from an utterly mind-blowingly fantastic Cat Empire show - open air show at Commonwealth Park... haven't been to a live 'loud music' concert for far too many years. Even spent an hour at the front (officially on the edge of the mosh pit, according to my teens), jumping and yelling and dancing away. SO MUCH FUN. Just great.


  1. Hey, groover! Mosh pit indeed. Here's me thinking you'd be sitting quietly at the back with Lulu and your knitting. ;) Glad you had such a good time.

  2. Quiet at the back - pffft, not I! Well, I did sit on a blanket and knit the cool cabled "Toddle" scarf for a few hours, before the gorgeous guys of Cat Empire came on stage. But once Felix was visible, no way I was going anywhere else ;) What a hottie!

  3. So did Lulu actually go??? Does she like the Cat Empire too? he he he he

  4. Lulu wasn't allowed to attend, due to some very serious stash damage she did that day... she got grounded as a result, naughty lamb that she is!! Eating the mohair, no less...


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