24 November 2006

Toddling off

Last night I finished the Toddle scarf for my nephew Ben in London (so nice to have a winter baby to knit for!)... it's his first birthday next week, can you believe it? The scarf is in a nice interwoven cable pattern, and has a hole in it so you can pull one end through, and it won't fall off. I used 1-and-a-bit balls of Paton's Jet, and made it only 18 stitches wide, rather than the 26 specified in the recipe.

I had bought the purple Jet to make myself a cabled beanie, but I needed to use what I had, so figured I can buy new wool for myself next year. Yeah, I know, awful, but true.

Lulu has been most contrite this week, after the mohair-nibbling incident last week, so I've allowed her to model the scarf, and she has more-or-less behaved herself. Trying to put her best hoof forward, although I'm not convinced.

Also picked this up yesterday - who can resist those beautiful knitted pears?! Some other nice patterns in this one, including some lovely shawls, and a lovely bag by Nicky Epstein.


  1. The scarf is GORGEOUS. How can that baby be 1 already, though. Surely it was just last week we were anticipating his arrival?

    Congrats on the the Interweave gifts edition - I've been seeing it online and dreaming.

  2. What the?!? I guess this means you're still a subscriber, then. I haven't seen it in the newsagents, yet. I'm also hanging out for the next edition of Yarn.

    I'm really enjoying your watercolours. I've tried to do this on occasion and never sustained the effort for long enough to get my eye and hand working on the techniques in synch. I really admired the lemon still-life : )

  3. No, I don't subscribe to any knitting mags... I got my copy of Interweave Knits from the Weston Newsagency.

    And thanks - I'm glad you like my paintings :)

  4. Taph - yeah, I reckon my sister is just telling fibs - I don't understand how he can be 1 year old either!

  5. gorgeous scarf! Lulu does it great justice!

  6. Thank you :)

    Oh bugger - just realised that his birthday is TOMORROW and I haven't posted it yet! Eeek! Ah well - I'm positive he won't notice, and my sister is pretty easy-going about such things....

    Haaa haaaaaa, miiiiiiiinnnnnne noooow!



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