10 November 2006

Cabled Wrist Warmers - NOT a sheep jumper

Well, this is the first of the cabled version of Voodoo Wrist Wamers, that I'm making for a woman who's been wonderfully helpful with my son at College.. and - OI - LULU!

Maaaaaaaaaaaaah, miiiiineeee!

I don't know, she sees something vaguely the right size, and - yoink - on it goes! And what makes her think it's a sheep sweater anyway? There's only 1 arm hole!

Humph. Anyway. The cable I've added is a C4B, with an alternating 6 & 8 row repeat, to make the nice long-twist-short-twist pattern. Patons Totem, deep aqua blue. Second one has been cast on this morning, and will have a C4F cable, twisting in the other direction to the right handed warmer. Now, please excuse me while I go and do battle with a naughty lamb...


  1. Love the wristwarmer. Lulu can keep it if I can keep the other leg of lamb. Yum. ;)

  2. Bad Lulu. Needs spanking.

    Great wristwarmers! LURRVE the colour!

  3. She gets into everything!!!

    hell, I don't blame her for trying to steal the warmers though. So lovely!!!

  4. Hmm, don't know why you showed up as anonymous, Bells... anyway, I know it was you :)


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