03 November 2006

Tree ahoy!

Yesterday was a rather dramatic day... Canberra was hit by a massive storm, and our suburb took a fair battering. We had no power for about 7 hours (which gave me a nice excuse to not work, and do some knitting!), and a third of the huge gum tree out front came crashing down - luckily it didn't hit anyone or anything - but we still can't get our station wagon out. Hopefully the nice and overworked tree clearing bods will be around to take it all away today.

And on to more challenging things... this lamb. What am I going to do? She gets into everything! This is a beanie I'm making for my dad's birthday (yeah, yeah, I know we're coming into summer - he can save it for next year)... Lulu somehow managed to get into the WHOLE ball of Jet, drape herself in it, and then try to knit for herself. I'm lucky that I caught her before she pulled a needle out... sigh. The worrying thing is that she isn't trying to be helpful, she's just doing her best to be naughty!

Lulu accompanied dotter and myself to SnB last night, and much fun was had by all, despite her trying to steal HappySpider's lovely little lace shawl... lots of photos pending!

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  1. Oh Lulu. Sigh. What a naughty lamb!

    yes, that storm was something, huh? What damage!!

    But you've gotta love seven hours in which you can do nothing but knit...!


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