12 November 2006

More painty things


Field of Flowers

These are the not utter crap okay little watercolour paintings I did this weekend... the Jasmine one uses negative painting (where you paint around the shapes of things). The impressionistic Field of Flowers is an exercise from a watercolur book that actually went right. And we won't talk about the Still Life with Tomato... drawing was good, initial painting worked well, final painting was shit. Oh well. It's all learning!

The Cabled Wrist Warmers are all done, as of this afternoon - not much else happening on the knitting front, apart from vowing I would sew up the side seams on hubby's Jet Jumper (the only step remaining in the Great Lengthening Drama), and not doing it yet... it's going to be bloody cold on Wednesday, apparently, so it's worth getting done so he can wear it once more before summer hits us.


  1. nice work Jejune. You are producing some lovely work. Don't be so critical of your own stuff!

  2. Thanks Bells - I guess I wasn't very clear in my post - what I meant was that these two little ones are not too bad - but my other paintings (which I'm *not* showing) weren't good at all...

    And yeah, I know, I am critical of my own work... trying to do better. Showing my paintings in a public place like this (rather than shoving them in a drawer) is a first step :)

  3. Lerv the both, but in particular the jasmine - you have been bitten by the muse :)


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