15 November 2006

Seemly seams

Finally the Jet Jumper Extensions are done! As time consuming and messy as a house extension - really!

Here's what you get when you are bloody impatient aren't careful with your seams! The lumpy seam at the top, where I skipped up 2 stitches at a time, and my 'ladders' across the seam went sort of diagonally, are from when I first put the jumper together, some months back.

And what you get when you read your nice new Finishing Techniques book, work on a table, and sew really slowly and carefully, only stepping up by 1 stitch at a time, and with 'ladders' that are horizontal, is this amazingly invisible seam (which stitches the 'extension' part of the jumper together).

Now I feel like I should undo the side seams on hubby's Jet Jumper and resew them - but he assures me he doesn't mind. It fits REALLY WELL now, too, with an extra 15 cm length - and he wore it all day, staying cozy on this unseasonably cold day.


  1. Ah the seamy side of blog life (sorry). New template really freaked me out - thought my links were skewiff. Glad hubby's jumper is all better now.

  2. Sorry about the sudden decorating change, should have warned you! I've just moved over to Blogger beta, and have been fiddling around with my settings - and lost my pencentage bar code :( In the midst of fixing it now...

  3. see now that's the kind of hard work I admire. Fixing seams! I'd go nuts. But it's so worth it. And what timing! God it was cold today.

    Thanks for the tip on changing the blog. I was gearing up to do it but might wait til I'm less inclined to rush!


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