22 November 2006

Tomatoes sitting still

These three tomatoes were gracious enough to sit still for me this evening, while I tried out my new easel and brushes... finally I can eat them (I've been meaning to paint the one with the stems attached for a week now, after an abortive first attempt).

Bought the patterned scarf at Salvos this afternoon... along with a few others which will feature in future paintings :)


  1. Did the easel and brushes taste good? ;)

    Gotta love an op-shop bargain.

  2. Don't go giving Lulu ideas now! If you thought knitting needles were expensive.... try sable brushes 8|

    And thanks Spidey :)

  3. Wow!! There's something so effective about tomatoes with the stems attached. It's just perfection and you've captured them beautifully!


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