03 November 2006

Lulu meets the ladies

Well, last night Lulu insisted on coming along to SnB, planning to use her lamby wiles on the unsuspecting Canberra knitters, to win them over, but plotting chaos at the same time!

First of all she snuck into Kylie's basket, and rummaged around in the yarny goodness there...

Then, after cozying up to Monnsqueak, she tried to sneak off with this divine skein of her hand-dyed yarn...

She insisted that this delicate lace shawl-ette by the incredible Miss Spidey was hers - it was clearly the right size... it took some very tricky distraction techniques to get it off her and back to its rightful owner!

Margie's new Victorian Cabled Wristlets (courtesy of Taph!) became a delightful tutu for Lulu, so she played the "oh so innocent" ballerina for a while.

And finally, Taph put Lulu's seemingly boundless energy and potential for mischief to hopefully good use, and gave her some knitting lessons. But maybe this will only teach her enough about knitting that she then knows how to unravel my work more effectively?! Only time will tell...


  1. Hopefully now that she can knit she will have a greater respect for your stash!!

  2. No, no, it was Kylie teaching Lulu to knit. I'm not taking responsibility for teaching that lamb anything. Well maybe for hopping into this nice hot baking dish, greased and flavoured with rosemary and surrounded by a potato or two ;).

  3. devilish little lamb that one. seemed appropriate she should have pointy sticks in her hands :)

  4. And again, DH is looking over my shoulder at Lulu saying, "I want one!"

    He will get one.

    Also, he says he remembers you and Othlon being in the paper ages ago, something about "knitting" in the back of the CT. Was that you guys???


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