20 November 2006

Stormy painting

This is a painting exercise I did last week, out of the No Experience Required - Watercolour book by Carol Cooper. Spattering the white paint at the end was good fun :) Still having trouble getting the skies to look the way I want them to - need more practise!


  1. Oh pretty Jejune! I bet the splattering was great fun!

  2. I raced out and grabbed my spray jacket as soon as this gorgeous piece loaded!

  3. Did you use a toothbrush for the spattering? I love that technique!

    The Cat empire sounds like fun - they are minor heroes in our household because most of them went to the school my daughter is currently at (a state high school but a specialist music school) so they are always being held up as an example of what you can achieve!

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments (blush).

    Yeah, toothbrush all the way - a nice cheap tool (as opposed to my one and only Kolinsky sable No 7 round...).

    Cat Empire are just amazing, and yes, they've certainly acheived a lot! I'll tell your story to my kids too :)

  5. I love this one and the one with pink trees up the top :)


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