25 November 2006

More lemons

At last I can show you this - it was a gift for K, so I couldn't put it online until I'd given it to her, which I did yesterday. I'm really happy with this composition, much stronger and more interesting than my first lemon painting.

And this weekend I'm doing a 2-day workshop with Rex Backhaus-Smith (via the Artists Society of Canberra), which is proving to be fascinating, a very different way of approaching landscape painting - more impressionistic / abstract - and really exciting. Will post pics when the class is done!


  1. Weird stuff. With the new blogger beta, it only recognises Philip's account and not mine!! This is KnittingKate, in case the stupid thing won't write my name. And the comment in your last post was from me, not Philip!

  2. Ah, thanks for explaining - it wasn't clear :)

    Yeah, I'm finding that I have to log in to Blogger beta repeatedly (I dont' stay logged in), and that half the time the 'word verification' letters I type aren't accepted (even though I doble check them, and they're correct).... hopefully the bugs will be ironed out soon.

  3. lucky Kirsty, its sooooo pretty :)
    and i'm having problems too.. it keeps trying to give away my secret identity!

  4. Lervely lemons, Jejune. :)

    Sounds like a great workshop, look forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. If it's the email address which you're worried about, Spidey, I gather that it only shows on YOUR computer in Blogger's top bar, showing that you're logged in... but isn't visible to anyone else. But yeah, it's a bit buggy still.

  6. oh man, those paintings are AMAZING!!! I'm so enormously impressed *hugs* beautiful beautiful beautiful! am also loving the tomatoes, and the stormy sky. In awe of your talent, lovely lady.



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