16 November 2006

Dad's Hat

Here's the beanie for my dad's birthday next week... I used Jet, and did a 2 x1 rib. Just basic, but nice. I wasn't sure about the colourway (there's that word, Bells!), but everyone else seems to like it, so I just have to hope that Dad agrees...

Well, you were expecting some ridiculously attention-seeking antic from Lulu, weren't you? She nabbed the beanie, rolled up the brim, and insisted that it fit her. I don't know, that lamb has wool for brains. Literally.


  1. ha! You used the word! You used the word!!! LOL!

    I approve of that usage.

    Nice hat! Nothing like a good old fashioned beanie. My FIL adores his that is similar. I think he's upset it's getting too warm to wear it.

    And there goes Lulu again....

  2. Gorgeous colours, Jejune. How could your dad do anything but love it; especially after Lulu's hoof print of approval.

  3. love the colour scheme of that beanie (perhaps you should run a comp for all the OTHER ways to say colourway), love the new template, looooove that lamb!


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