08 June 2007

Chilli snail wristwarmers

CHILLI : What shall I do with a colander full of these cute chillies, from my mum's garden? Anyone have a good harissa recipe? And does anyone know what sort of chilli these are? They look a bit like button squash in shape and size.

SNAIL : I love my snail candle holder! I bought this little guy at the Woolfest - yeah, I know it's not made of yarn, and has nothing to do with knitting, but it's CUTE. What further excuse do I need?! It's made by Thomas Westra, and was $15. I fell in love with his lizards, but they were out of my price range.

WRISTWARMERS : And at last, the knitting content... these are a variation on the Slumberland Little Twist Wristwarmers. I'm doing fewer cables, and am using a thicker wool (Sean Sheep armytage from my stash, which is actually quite nice, despite being cheap). This is also my first time using the magic loop technique, and I'm quite enjoying it - less pointy than using DPNs.

It's nice to have a fast knit - I started them yesterday, and I'm doing the thumb gusset now. They're for a PhD student in my dad's department at Uni, who has RSI.


  1. sean and i think they're habeneros Jejune.

    And I do have a good recipe for harissa. Stay tuned.

    LOVE your snail. I'm suffering snail envy and have been since I first saw it.

    And those wrist warmers are going to be fabulous!

  2. The chillis look lovely. I don't even know what harissa is, sorry!

    Armytage IS nice. (we all know I'm a fan). But are you going to try to make them match, colourwise, or just let them be fraternal wristwarmers?

  3. I put long chillis in my soup tonight!! The snail is so cute. I always like the most expensive things too, but I think you got a snail bargain!! Very cute writwarmers. I have never tried magic loop, I am a double point person!! Thanks for the boogelly drug commiserations: no side effects yet, they're yet to arrive. I remeber from last time, and that's not a good thing- to be anticipating!!!! happy harissa!!!

  4. Gee, those peppers look like scotch bonnets to me, but I'm no expert. To be on the safe side, you might want to wear gloves and de-seed them thouroughly. Do NOT chop them, then rub your eyes!

    The wrist-warmers look ever so cozy!

  5. Don't know what the peppers are, but, whatevcer you do, don't feed them to LuLu. She's one hot tamale already!


  6. The snail is divine! You can't get a lizard, though - they eat snails.

    Am thinking the chillis look like scotch bonnets and my memory informs me they are really quite hot.

    The wristwarmers are very pretty. Nothing like some instant knitting gratification every now and then.

  7. Love the snail - so cool! I can't offer any help with the chilis - they are just one more thing that I don't eat!

  8. I thought that the might be habaneros as well but they're too red. The ones I've seen are usually a bit more orangey in colour. A bit of a Google search showed images that seem to ID yours as Scotch Bonnets. Another search showed that these are close relatives to habaneros but originate in the Carribean while the habs originate from central and north America. I love Google!

    Do you want to try this Jamaican Jerk Sauce? http://www.foodreference.com/html/jamaican-jerk-sauce.html


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