29 June 2007

News Flash - Lulu caught!

Dotter and I went in to Craft ACT this morning, to deliver our knitted goodies to Barbara, for the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition. Dotter is exhibiting her Pencil Case Hat, and I'm putting in my Alene Camisole and Branching Out Scarf.

Suddenly we noticed a small white thing scurrying around the edge of the Gallery.... yes, it was Lulu! Dotter grabbed her quick smart - and I think Lulu was a bit relieved to be back with us, even though we were very cross!

After we told Barb all about Lulu's nefarious exploits of the past week, she joined us in pointing the finger at this naughty lamb!

As Executive Director of Craft ACT, we felt it was fiitting for Barb to pass sentence on Lulu, as an impartial judge. (She doesn't normally look this threatening - she's very lovely, unless you're a naughty lamb). Lulu tried to ignore her, but there was no escaping this - 6 weeks of community service, to be served in the exhibition, locked up in a Perspex case.

Hopefully she won't get into any trouble there, and she'll have plenty of time to think on the error of her ways. Do you think this experience will change her? Hmmm, somehow I doubt it...

The show opens on Friday 13th at 6.15pm, Craft ACT (Level 1 North Building, 180 London Cct , just above the Canberra Museum and Gallery in Civic). Love to see you there! You can point and laugh at Lulu...

And the Bam! Socks! are finished (my kids' new name for the Clafoutis socks)!


  1. Ha, "Leave her alone and she'll come home, wagging her tail behind her." (Well really, where else would she wag her tail?) I think the punishment is quite appropriate. She's going to get soooo bored in that case. I wonder if BB will visit her in prison?

  2. Alas, poor LuLu, we knew her well. (Well enough to know she'd get into trouble one of these days.) Looks like her past finally caught up with her.

    Don't worry LuLu. Going to jail didn't hurt Paris Hilton's popularity, er, notariety any!

    Is LuLu allowed presents through the mail? (You know, like a file in a cake? Although in Lulu's case it would probably be knitting needles instead.)

    Blessings LuLu!

  3. Cindy in the US3:39 am, June 30, 2007

    Hope your submissions are well-received.

  4. oh thank The Good Shepherd! She's found at last. That's an excellent and fitting punishment for her crimes.

    For what it's worth, she does look sorry. You can see it in her eyes.

    BB has been informed. He's all up to date now. There will be visitations, I'm sure.

  5. A fitting punishment indeed!

  6. What a relief she's been nicked! I think it's a very fitting punishment indeed, kind of like public stocks without the rotten tomatoes.

    As for being sorry, well, call me a cynic, but I'd say she's more sorry that she had to sleep rough, fend for herself and be without BB, rather than being truly repentant! I guess time will tell.....

  7. Oh Thank goodness [ or maybe I should nick Bell's Good Shepherd ] she's back in the fold.
    Is the Gallery prepared for an influx of Knitbloggers chastising/ comforting Lulu through the glass, d'you think?

  8. Look, Lulu, you can't keep running around with those safety pins in your ears. Give me your snail mail address and I'll send you a REAL pair of safety pin earrings!


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