02 June 2007

Finished Pink Fluff!

The photos speak for themselves. As they say on Iron Chef "The Pink Fluff Battle is OV-AH!"

I added some short rows around the neck part of the front band, to give a wider collar - and Dotter noticed it right away (without being told) - clever kitten :)

Here is step-mother looking suitably pleased (and enjoying the fluffiness!) at the Botanic Gardens cafe (we've just been there for a big family get-together, my Great Uncle Bob and his wife Betty were up from Melbourne - haven't seen them in about 25 years). She'll send Pink Fluff up to her mother in Sydney now, to have a lining and buttons added.

I'm a bit sad, cos I had to say good-bye to my lovely sister and her hubby and son, as they're flying back to London in a few days. It's been such a treat having them in Canberra for the past 4 months, I don't want to share them with the UK :/


  1. hooray for pink fluff being done! A sterling effort Jejune.

    It actually looks pretty good K. She looks very, very happy with it.

    Sorry to hear your sister and her family have gone home. I can imagine finding that unbearable if it were my sister.

  2. You've done an excellent job with the fluff!

  3. Oh I love the action shot!! The Pink Fluff suits perfectly!!

  4. Good job - she looks very happy wearing it!

  5. There's photographic evidence of a pink fit! Well done, Jejune.

  6. Oh har har Taph - great pun!

    Thanks everyone - I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, actually, as I had to modify the pattern for almost every piece.

    K is certainly extremely happy and grateful... now we just have to set a time for her to help us redo our very out of date wills, to finalise the barter deal.

  7. We salute you, Iron Knitter Jejune!!

    Well done, it looks great on, and I like the collar detail too.

  8. You did it! AND you kept your sense of humour. Noice.

    She looks thrilled with it - I reckon that gives you some leverage to milk this deal some more! ;p

  9. You did a fantastic job on the cardi! Go the fluff!!!

  10. Love the action shot where she is petting the fluff, Lovely, lovely job, you good step-daughter, you!

    How wonderful that you got four months with your sis! However did they manage that? Lucky you!

  11. Congratulations on competing the pink fluff. It looks completely gorgeous. MIL is right to look proud and pleased; I'm sure she'll reciprocate with her share of the exchange with alacrity : )

    Sorry to hear that your sis is on her way home. It's always hardest for teh one left behind; the other has the fun of anticipation while the stay-ee has to try and fill the gap : (


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