27 June 2007

Instant Clafoutis

My son has been promised a pair of Opal socks - the 6ply is sitting in my stash waiting patiently (for now...) - but he really needs something NOW. I decided on the Clafoutis Socks pattern on Yarn's web site... I'm using the natural coloured yarn that my mum gave me (which I'm using for her vest) .

I've done a few gauge swatches, decided on 6mm needles, cast on at 7pm (only 24 stitches, bliss), and am down the rib (I made it shorter), through the heel and gusset, and into the foot already! Really fast knitting gratification. I'm going to see if I can finish the first one tonight - one sock in one night!

Luckily my son's feet are slender and not too long, so hopefully this last bit won't take ages. He's about a men's size 8 or 9. I'm using the magic loop method again, which is going really well on my Knit Picks needles, as the cable is wonderfully flexible. It also means he can try them on as we go, even though they're top down socks.

And has everyone got their new Yarn magazine?! It's looking good!

Lulu News : I've had a report from the Sheep Police, they say that Lulu has been spotted out near the Yarralumla Woolshed - lucky there aren't any sheep out there any more, otherwise she could have disappeared in the mob. Hopefully her capture is not long off. SUCH a relief that K found her jewels, though.


  1. K here. Go Jejune - good job on the sock for the male who needs sock NOW!

    I am getting an early night - relieved that my jewels have been returned but still worried about that naughty Lulu being at large!!

    Any news from the Woolshed???

  2. That is very fast and only 24 stitches?? A lamb could knit that..if she was there. My YARN is not here: it apparently takes letters etc about 4,003,221 days to make it across the Strait. :-(

  3. you can do it, put your back into it! /chants

  4. Go Speed Knitter!

    Lulu, phone home!

  5. It's a gorgeous pattern. I keep tossing up between it and a beret in the Rare Yarns - look forward to seeing yours done.

    Excellent link, BTW ;) Thanks.

  6. I am expecting a photo of the finished sock today Jejune!

    The Yarralumla Woolsheed? Oh bless her. I haven't been out there for years. It's deserted, isn't it?

  7. So how does LuLu feel about interspecies transcontinental dating?

    Enquiring monkeys want to know...

  8. Yarralumla Woolshed is used for dances and more recently a commercial sale of some kind - rugs, perhaps. It is still available for hire by the public for events. I've been to 21sts and engagement parties there.


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