22 June 2007

Reading, Knitting, Yelling

Oooh look, new knitting things! The New Knits on the Block was only $10 at my local shopping centre - I have nieces and nephews who fall into the age groups covered in the book. I'm quite partial to the felted unicorn headdress (with ears and horn), as one niece is unicorn crazy... And of course I always love my Interweave Knits - my favourite knitting magazine! I'm looking forward to settling down with a nice cup of tea to read through it on Saturday morning.

In a show of great filial duty, I've decided to make a vest for my mum, using that wool she gave me recently (the stuff I had to wash cos it was shtinky). I gave her a few options, and she chose this Fjord Medallion Rib Vest pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns.

I did a swatch of the medallion pattern, and thought, yeah, I can handle this, but by the time I was 8 rows into the back, and was already off kilter with the pattern... bugger it - I ripped it out, and delved into my Vogue Stitch Dictionary, and chose the Waffle Rib.

I quite like the look of the 'wrong side' pattern, too, actually...

So I started the back, and then realised that with the waffle rib I could very easily knit the whole thing in the round - no seams! So then I started the front, and when I got it to the same number of rows, I joined them together... making nice little slits at the sides (yeah, I meant that...).

Mum wants it to be pretty long (44 cm), so vents at the side are probably a good idea anyway. She does a lot of gardening and working outside, and wants something to keep her hips warm as well. And yes, she is very excited about it ;)

Dotter and I are getting ready to enter some pieces in the Knit 1 Blog 1 Exhibition, being run by Craft ACT! I've got a couple of items in mind, probably my Branching Out scarf and Alene Camisole, seeing as both were knitted using online patterns. Dotter will have a new Pencil Case Hat on display too! We're delivering our goodies next week! And our Blogs will be on display during the show as well - w00t! If you're in the area, do try to come along (I'll post dates and times and places closer to the time).

And finally - I got a terrible shock this morning (Saturday 23rd - I started this post last night, hence Friday's date)... I came out to find Lulu doing this to my brand new Interweave Knits magazine!! Aaaargh! I don't know what to do with her, I think she's getting naughtier as the weeks go on. I think some serious consequences are going to have to be imposed on her, before her behaviour gets totally out of control! Yelling doesn't seem to affect her at all, although it relieves some of my stress!


  1. LOL! What will stop that lamb from such behaviour??? Perhaps we need to put a ban on her contact with BB? (I see she's scribbling his initials like a love-sick lamb). Sigh.

    Sean thinks that the more you document her naughtiness, the more she is encouraged to misbehave because she likes the attention!

    The vest is looking great. I rather like the reverse side, too.

  2. The vest is looking great - like the idea of the side splits.
    I agree with Bells - sounds like Lulu needs to be banished from the camera!

  3. I love that stich, and the split is a great idea for a longer length garment.

    My recent reading on dealing with toddler tantrums agrees with Bells and RR - yelling is just another form of attention, you need to "cooly withdraw" and non-verbally voice your disapproval by your disinterested behaviour! Ahhh, thank goodness for Dr Christopher Green!!!

  4. Ohh, don't banish Lulu from the camera. Poor lovelorn lamby. Get her a phone so she can call BB and she won't have to try to write him letters. Or let her send him e-mails. she just misses her ramboy.

  5. Oh no!! That bad Lamb, has she met Lamb Chop?? COuld be a warning in that name. Have you tried smearing important things with Mint Sauce to deter her??? Nice vest and clever venting!! I hope my IK is here at the newsagency soon.....

  6. I'm with 2Paw, mint sauce should do the trick!!


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