26 June 2007

Sheep Police

Thanks everyone for keeping a look out for Lulu the Jewel Thief.... K has sighted her twice now, lurking in the dark near her house, but this morning saw her heading towards Civic, in the rain. I called the Sheep Police just now, and they said "Woof bark yip yip yip grrrrrrrrr." So helpful!

Hopefully this morning's sighting will help them bring this naughty, damp, lamb to justice, and get K all her jewels back!

On the knitting front, progress has been made on my mum's vest, and Mariah's fronts are over half-way done (ie halfway to the armhole level). This is a bit blurry, but you get the idea. The fabric is really curly, but they are exactly the same height, although it mightn't look like it.

PS - I mark the lower side-seam edges of each piece with stitch markers (red & green), that helps me keep track of which part of the 'double' row I'm up to. It's working so far, anyway!


  1. oh! look at that! two fronts on the same needles. what a bloody good idea. *irony*

  2. I've always been too scared to knit two fronts on the same needles - I'm worried I'll mess up the decreases, and end up with two rights, or two lefts, or even worse, two pieces that are both left and right! You are v. clever!

  3. We'll get to the bototm of this Lulu-mess. For sure.

  4. Lulu will be one very soggy and sorry lamb indeed, with all this (lovely) rain. I just hope she hasnt hit rock bottom , and had to pawn any of those jewels to get by.

    Mariah is looking lovely, thanks for the update.

  5. hmmm... maybe you should leave some bling on your front porch ;)

  6. K here

    Donna's idea is grand. Jejune should leave some bling out on the front steps to entice Lulu out of hiding - she needs to be caught soon, before she shrinks and loses all the bling she has already taken.

    Will I ever get my jewels back!!!!


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