04 June 2007

Lace Puppy Blankie

Lily has decided that my pink Forest Canopy shawl is clearly meant for her. Naughty puppy - but cute, so she gets away with it!

I'm up to 22 pattern repeats, and very close to being done with pink, and ready for my spring 'Caterpillar' yarn for the border.... with chihuahua hair accents.

At the family lunch on Saturday my mum brought me a big bag of Patons 'Charm' 12 ply (36% wool, 32% mohair, 32% acrylic), which she found at a Bega op shop. Taph tells me it's an 80's era yarn. It's not too bad. There were about 8 brand new balls, and another 5 or 6 balls' worth rolled into big balls. But the whole lot stinks. A musty old yucky smell. So yesterday I wound the whole lot into skeins, while I helped Dotter with an essay, and today I'm going to wash it. There is a LOT - 680 grams.

The colour is sort of dusky pinks and creams, tans, browns. I suspect the effect will be tweedy... will do a swatch before too much longer. Dotter says it could make a lot of winter hats, which is a bonza idea. I could also make my mum a vest, which I wouldn't mind doing. Not about to do a jumper though.

Treats in the mail! Here's the Opal for my son's socks! The 6 ply is really nice.... must finish my other Opal socks first though. They've been neglected, abandoned in favour of the Pink Fluff.

And in answer to Roxie's comment : my sister was here on a job swap. She's a curator at the British Museum, and swapped with a researcher here at the National Museum. Her hubby is a freelance designer, and he was on child-care duties and working from home.


  1. No knit around here is complete without a smattering of rabbit hair, either.

  2. Or, in my case, cat hair! Poor puppy, being deprived of her pink blankie!

  3. Naughty Lily! It's kind of hard to be cross with someone so cute though.

    I rather like the pink tweedy stuff. I'd like to see it up close some time.

  4. cindy (holding her nose)12:36 pm, June 04, 2007

    Egads. Did you get the stink out of the 80's era yarn? Sounds like a job for a little Woolite -do you have that detergent in OZ? : )))

  5. Geez, anyone would think Lily doesn't have a perfectly good, if embarrasing, jumper all of her own! Rosie thinks ALL knitting is for her. I had to knit with her on my lap on Saturday.

    The mohair is rather tasteful. Must've been LATE 80s. Hope the smell is somewhat reduced now. It would make a lovely little vest.

  6. Isn't Lily rather - ah - voluptuous for a Chihuahua? She looks soo cuddly and huggable curled up in the pink lace. good eye for color. It suits her.

    Sometimes, the only thing that musty yarn needs is to be hung up in a good breeze. You could put together a hat, mittens, scarf set.

  7. Speaking of the jumper that Taph mentioned, I think it's time for a photo of Lily in her jumper, don't you think? I think you said you'd posted it a long time ago -but new readers NEED to see this amazing sight!

  8. 'Charm' hmm? Not sure about the colour. Perhaps some adventures in dying? The yarn looks like it feels nice and would knit up beautifully. It would be a pity to only devote it to hats...


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