24 June 2007

Lulu on the run!

I'm afraid that I have some shocking new - Dotter, Bells, new friend Kat and I were having a lovely morning tea at friend K's house, happily knitting away, sipping rose tea, and enjoying snickerdoodles, bleu cheese pastries, a ricotta cheesecake, being ladies. BB was there, and Lulu was happy to see him, there were kisses... we thought all was well... but then Lulu disappeared. Things were quiet - too quiet...

Bells and I went looking for Lulu, only to discover her helping herself to the contents of K's jewellery box! When she saw us approaching she bolted for the front door...

Bells managed to grab hold of her briefly, and I thought that would be an end to this unfortunate incident...

...but then she wriggled out of Bells' grasp, and saw her chance to escape!

I got one last glimpse of her in the bushes, before she disappeared. WITH all of K's precious jewellery!

So please keep a look out for this very naughty lamb - she's on the run, with bling, and I have no idea where she's going to end up! Now I have to inform the sheep police ...


  1. OMG - K here. I'm devastated. Lulu has run off with my family heirlooms and I just can't cope. What am I to do? I can't even go to the supermarket now - how can I go out in public without my jewels on.

    I'll have to get the tiara out of the safety deposit box at the bank now, just so that I can go out in public again, but not until Lulu is safely in custody. I am sure she is lurking my garden waiting to get hold of the remainder of my meagre fortune.

    Oh what next!!!!


  2. she's so slippery isn't she? We got just close enough to get photos and then she was out of grasp again. She can't have gone too far - i mean, all that bling is pretty heavy and she's a very little lamb.....

    Is anyone putting up WANTED posters?

  3. Yikes! Lamb on the run! (Dammit, now I'll be humming Wings songs all night...)

    How very dramatic! Keep a close eye on BB, he might be in secret contact with Lulu and set a clandestine meeting with his wayward lover in her secret hideaway....

    Oh Lulu, Lulu, why do you torment your poor mother so??

  4. Good idea Georgie. I've isolated BB. He's not allowed out and he's not allowed near my phone.

    I'm scrutinising all his correspondence (unbeknownst to him of course) for signs of contact.

    He's looking a little (wait for it...) sheepish! LOL!

  5. I'm so stressed I can't sleep. I think I am suffering from PLSS* and I am sure that Lulu is lurking somewhere here waiting for me to go to sleep so that she can finish off her job and make off with the rest of the family jewels.

    Bells - do you think you should have a "baaa" on your phone so that if Lulu calls BB she won't be able to get through????

    I'll go to bed now - but windows and doors are locked and jewellery is safely stashed, though knowing Lulu she will find a way in!!


  6. K here.

    For those of you wondering - PLSS is a well documented ailment and means post Lulu stress syndrome. Not a very pleasant affliction I can tell you.

  7. Kay has some gorgeous pearls!! Can't say that I blame Lulu for lusting after them, but she was very, very wrong to steal them. Where would a lost little lamb with a load of loot spend the night? If she stays outside, won't the possums beat her up and take her bling away? What will that naughty girl do next?

  8. Have you checked your LYS - now that's she's on the run she might be looking for some comrades - and as we all know, a ball of yarn is only 1 (or maybe 2 or 3) steps away from being a Lulu (or, for that matter, a BB)

  9. Oh no! Lulu is "on the lamb" !!!!!! I'll keep my eye out in this neck of the woods, although there's a lot of sheep down here, she'd probably blend right in, LOL.

  10. "on the lamb"! Carol you crack me up. Lulu is so naughty. And she really has a flair for the dramatic and an eye for the camera at all times. I bet she's holed up writing her memoirs with visions of the movie they'll make of her life one day.

    Who would they get to play Lulu?

  11. Who would play Lulu in the movie of her life? Now that's an excellent question.

    I think Lulu would have visions of Gwyneth. She's that kind of lamb.

  12. Sean thinks it's the kind of role that would go to Drew Barrymore.

  13. LATE NEWS - Lulu spotted!!!

    K here. Lulu was just spotted hiding in AJ's lumberjack coat in the the garage at my place - trying to disguise herself in the fake sheepskin lining. The bling caught my eye just as she dived into a sleeve of the coat.

    Maybe that naughty lamb is waiting until AJ's table tennis tournament is over in said garage so that she can sneak back in the house under his coat when he calls it quits for the night.

    It may be part of her grand plan to get to the remainder of the jewels maybe! I'll have to bar my door tonight, and hide the jewellery box!

    When will this stalking end!!!!!

  14. EARLY NEWS!!!

    K here - Lulu has been spotted again. Found her lurking behind my pot plants when I went out for an early morning walk. I tried to catch her but my, she is a slippery character.

    She was last seen heading North towards the city - hope this is that last I see of her!



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