12 June 2007

Warm wrists

Today I finished the wristwarmers for Catherine. They're so soft and cosy, I was reluctant to take them off and put them in the post!

I love thumb gussets! This the first time I've done a thumb like this (you basically knit a triangle into the side of the tube), and it worked so well. Dotter was very cool and unimpressed - "Oh, haven't you done one of those before? says she all smug-like. Cheeky kitten!

Pattern : Little Twist Wristwarmers

Yarn : Big W's Sean Sheep Arymtage 100% wool - it's practically a thick single - unspun and soft. Around '12 ply' in thickness and gauge. It's lovely to knit with, but I suspect it will pill fairly badly - after wearing one of the wristwarmers for just a little while to check length etc, it was getting 'fluffy'.

Modifications : I only did the cables for 4 repeats, as they weren't that obvious in this thick yarn. I made the warmers longer before starting the thumb gusset.

Tricks : To fix the loose hole that forms when you cast off the thumb edge, and rejoin to knitting in the double rib, I cast off 12 (instead of 13) and knit that extra stitch in in the next row (ie k2tog with the last stitch on the right side of the gusset and the first stitch on the left side of the gusset, linking the two sides together more firmly) which worked a treat.

Thanks for all the harissa comments! I put the mixture through the blender yesterday, so it's much smoother now. I'm still too scared to taste it, though!

Trip to Sydney was exhausting but good - will post about it soon, with pics.


  1. They look great! Love the colour changes in the yarn, and the length - a good length!

  2. oh they are so pretty! Great photography. You could promote them with a photo like that. Are they Othlon's gorgeous nails?

  3. Thanks ladies - and they're MY nails! The wedding ring is the give away, LOL :) I used the self-timer on my camera and the nice afternoon winter sunlight.

    I used two balls of wool so I could start each one at the beginning of a ball - the colour changes matched up pretty well that way. Each warmer used about 30g of wool.

  4. They are lovely, Jejune - I'm particularly impressed that you matched the nail polish to the yarn!

  5. What pretty hands you have! And what wonderful wrist warmers! Good job.

  6. They've come up a treat in that yarn - clever socks matching the colour changes so well (I'm much too silly to think of that!).

    Can I start a slow clap please? Taste it....taste it....taste it....

  7. Harissa looks yum, however I expect that there is some sneaky heat hidden in there. But it loooks so innocent, very deceptive harissa!! I love the nails, looks like you are a hand model!! And I think I might have to try the wrist warmers!!

  8. Lovely wrist warmers - and they match your nail polish so well it's a wonder you can bear to give them away!

    If "The Friday Night Book Club" (as offered by Bells) makes it to you, I'd like to be part of the circle! Thanks


  9. Cindy who just did her nails (french manicure)10:38 am, June 16, 2007

    Love your nails!


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