18 June 2007

Second Sock Syndrome

I am brain dead today from setting up a PayPal Sandbox account (ie a place within PayPal where developers can test shopping carts, various settings, currencies, and security certificates without actually making real payments), and setting up my X-Cart online shopping cart for real, and dealing with all sorts of technical "issues"... I did process the first dummy order from my shop (made appropriately enough by one Lulu Lamb), and it all worked (after 6 hours of work) so that's something. Still, I don't feel I've achieved anything tangible, so some knitting was definitely called for.

And I've done it - I cast on, and am now past the toe of the second Opal sock... phew! As George said, my future contains a LOT of sock yarn, so I'd better get cracking! I'm trying this one on two circular needles - I think I need slightly longer needles though, these ones are a bit pokey all over the place... and - yes - sigh - Lulu thinks it's a beanie for her. The needles only seem to add to the attraction. Kinky lamb...

Thank you all for your kind words about my Fig painting. I'm pretty hard on my own work. To answer your question Bells, the grey section on the left is supposed to be two mugs stacked up, but that doesn't come through at all (and there's a water bloom that isn't supposed to be there). The mixing bowls need a bit more shaping and shading, I think. And the green napkin is a bit too amorphous. But with watercolour there are limited opportunities to fix things! It's all good practice though - the only way to get better is to keep painting, and enjoying the process.

Nearly forgot - I was talking to my mum last night, and found out that the fiendish Jamaican hot chillis cam from a wee little innocent looking chilli seedling given to her by a friend, and which has grown into a massive chilli-bearing monster shrub. She wasn't aware that they were evil hot chillis. She is very sensitive to all chillis, so has to wear 2 pairs of gloves even to handle mild ones. Yeah. So she grows them. Go figure!


  1. Lulu, you should toatlly have a beanie of your own. It's ewe, darling. it's ewe!

  2. Lulu can shop on the internet now? Wonders never cease.

    We were giggling over her beanie stealing antics over breakfast this morning. Sean again asked where his own Lulu was. I'd really better get to that.

    You're going to have to keep painting? Damn. I bet that's not an appealing thought, is it?

    I know why your mum is growing chillies like that - they look pretty!

  3. Yay the second sock. When overwhelmed by techology - knit. I totally understand growing stuff you can't eat yourself - it would be wrong to take down such a prolific producer.

  4. its weird isnt it how we always see only the faults in our own work and no one else ever notices them! the figs were lovely...but that lulu is out of control!


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