26 June 2007

Revelation and Anticipation

Stitch'n Bitch was wonderful as ever tonight - new faces, old friends, dinner (always slightly pot luck at the Club, but filling), raunchy stories, knitting to fondle, even some captivated passers-by ... unfortunately Dotter was feeling under the weather, and had to be taken home early. But we had a lovely time - and Lulu was spotted!

K was right - Lulu has rid herself of the jewels, and must have them hidden in a secret location! She was seen plotting with young Trudy Bunny, in the Southern Cross Club in Woden - but disappeared soon after, goodness only knows where. The Sheep Police have been notified. I only hope we can both catch Lulu and get the jewels back... and that Trudy Bunny is not being led astray!

In painty news, this is my latest offering, titled 'Anticipation' - you all know what I'm talking about! Gorgeous laceweight (this is my possum-merino from Fibreworks, bought at the WoolFest), a pattern magazine (Interweave Knits), lots of dreams... I will be scanning this painting and putting it on my Knitting Art shop this week (cards, posters etc).


  1. K here. Glad that I dod not spot Lulu at SnB tonight - I would have gone "nutso". Her conscience must have got the better of her though, and when I arrived home after said SnB, and checked my letterbox, there were my jewels!!!

    All hope is not lost for Lulu - maybe she is just going through a naughty stage and she will grow out of it.

    She should have to endure a punishment for her offence though - any ideas folks????


  2. The painting is awesome! That lace cloth looks real! However did you DO that?

    I'm so glad that Lulu has returned the jewels. As for punishment, maybe she should clean the grout in the shower with a toothbrush.

  3. Man, I thought my monkeys were a lot of trouble, but compared to Lulu? Whew, she must wear you out!

    Being a shep-parent is a bitch isn't it?


    And good luck (I have a feeling you're going to need it.)

  4. slipped out of our grasp again????

    I despair!

  5. Oh and fab painting, BTW. I love the colours!

  6. Is there any chance that you'll do a mixed pack of your cards? Etsy and Cafe Express offerings seem to be one variety instead of a mix of, say, 5. They'd make brilliant exchange gifts...

  7. Another gorgeous painting Jejune.

    Lulu has more front than Myers, showing up at SnB like that. Was BB there? Perhaps she's pining for her lamby lover and wanted to catch a glimpse....as for punishment, well, I'll give it some thought! Does anyone have a set of stocks perhaps?

  8. Love the painting - looks fabulous - and the lace cloth - what great detail!

    Now, as for naughty Lulu. Perhaps she should be made to wind many skeins of yarn - by hand! Or to frog something...(not that I'm in favour of corporal punishment!)

  9. That painting is absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the vibrant red.


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