17 June 2007

Winter SnB

It's been too long since I actually got to a Stitch'n Bitch! Dotter and I headed on over to Civic, and Lulu tagged along too. Taph very kindly lent me the Yarn Harlot's latest book, so guess what I'm reading this week? All other books have been forgotten... We also got to catch up with Caffeine Faerie, Karen, Rachel, Sarah, Camille, George (back from Germany!), and some new faces too.

Lulu - of course - got into mischief... First she stole some of Dotter's Chai Latte.

And her glasses...

When Bells arrived, Lulu caught up with her dearly beloved BB.... there were many sheepy kisses! This didn't stop her flirting with Bell's Sean, though - shameless hussy lamb that she is!

And look what Bells bought for me at the Sydney Good Food & Wine Show - Mexican Achiote spice, which I couldn't find anywhere in Canberra.... So kind and thoughtful!!

Sarah brought along Naughty Needles to show off - Lulu was picking up all sorts of hints and getting all sorts of ideas!

She had a go at stealing Bells' wonderful red scarf, but we managed to get it off her without resorting to fisticuffs.

She read all about knitting socks on 2 circular needles, in Cat Bordhi's book (also Sarah's).

MonnSqueak made these totally amazing wine glass charms, which suited Lulu as earrings. Isn't this one COOL?

And my non-knitting work from this weekend - another foray into watercolours. I used a photo for reference (rather than painting from life). It's not too bad; I'm not totally happy with it, I think the bowls need more definition, but it's worth keeping. Quite pleased with the figs.

Figs - watercolour
35 x 24 cm


  1. You know, Lulu looks gorgeous in my scarf. I think she looks better in it than I do!! That's not fair!

    And she tries to flirt with my husband. She is indeed a shameless hussy.

    Glad you're happy with the spice. I couldn't have told you the name of it if asked, but when I saw it, I knew it!

  2. The figs are lovely, Jejune. Good work. :)

  3. Lulu is my favorite shameless hussy lamb! It makes me SO happy to see what she gets up to!

    The watercolor is lovely! Like Xena, you have many skills!

  4. Sure glad to see Lulu again. It had been so long,I was considering filing a missing sheep report with the local police. For all I knew you had her chained in the attic, feeding her bread and water.

    I prefer to think she was at a spa, getting some well deserved R & R.


  5. Your water color is great! I have a talented husband and daughter who draw and paint and I have always been too intimidated by them to try my hand at it. I can see so clearly what I want to paint but it gets lost between my brain and my hand...

  6. Love the colour work with it's definition of depth and the reserved white spaces in the painting. I always found working from a photo or trying to copy another work easier as it'd already been translated into 2D - perhaps you're more comfortable with the 3D->2D conversion?

    8 weeks to go - braxton hickses have started. Roll on August!

  7. What a great time you all had!! The watercolour is wonderful. I took watercolour classes and I could only paint fruit, small fruit. My teapot looked like Mickey Mouse. V V sad!!

  8. I love your watercolour - it is great - I'd totally hang it in my house!
    So next time we see Lulu, will she be wearing a little lingerie set? All the better for seduction!

  9. I didn't comment on your figs! Sorry! I think they're beautiful. As someone else said, a real depth of colour there. What would you do differently with the bowls?

  10. I love the watercolour, it is beautiful. You are very talented lady!

  11. I wanted to ask you at SnB how the painting was going...so here's my answer!

    I love the colours in this one, and esp the figs. Yum!

  12. AAhh i wish i could have made it. damn you guys always look like you have more fun without me :p
    and the figs are GORGEOUS. I actually prefer the background a little ambiguous... keeps the focus on the fruit.


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