16 June 2007

Hot ants!

This afternoon I got my trusty Crock Pot out of the cupboard, ready for a nice winter beef stew. Turned it on to heat up, and - whammy - ants everywhere! There was a WHOLE COLONY of ants living in my Crock Pot!! We had to put it outside!

Hubby cleaned it out, and checked the electronics for me... and it's happily cooking our dinner now (sans fourmis). The ants are finding a new place to live in the garden. Where they should have been in the first place!!


  1. Well that was a missed opportunity - apparently chocolate covered ants are lovely. Maybe not.

  2. Good grief. I'll quit complaining about cockroaches now. (Well, probably not, but you've got my sympathies.)

    But you salvaged the crock pot!! Congratulations on that.

  3. oh wow. Look at them!!! I'm sure any that hubby didn't get rid of were soon gone once the heat was turned up!

  4. Haven't they been horrible this year? Drought brought them allinside looking for water and they invaded everything in the pantry as well. We had to put the ketlle on top of the gas stove rings to prevent having boiled ants in our tea every morning. They calmed down a lot, thank goodness.

  5. We actually heated up the Crock Pot (via extension cord) while it was outside, and that cleared them out pretty damn quick.

    And yes, Kate, we had ants-in-the-kettle all summer too. Don't you just love the smell of formic acid with tea ;)

  6. Ants in the crockpot? Well, thank God it wasn't spiders.give them a hot-foot, it might make them mad! Hope the stew was delish!What am I saying? If you were cooking, it was divine - absolutely to die for!


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