08 July 2007

ABC & Sweet Sixteen

Phew - all done!

My interview with Genevieve Jacobs went well this morning - thank you everyone for your good wishes and advice . I wore hubby's Jet Jumper, and Genevieve appreciated the fact I was wearing a hand knit right away!

Here's proof that I was actually there - the waiting room outside the studio. You can just see Genevieve (she has elegant silver grey hair).

And the back wall with all the formal signage stuff.

I was pretty nervous, but with some deep breathing, and reminding myself how many thousands of people were talking on radio across the world at that very moment (ie it's not that special), I wasn't too shaky or anything. I didn't talk fast, which was what I was most worried about.

After my 15 minutes of fame were over, I asked the producer Damien if I could put the recording onto my blog - he was surprised that I actually asked (most people don't), and called their scary legal eagles for some advice. The low down is I can't have it on my web site or blog, but I can 'unofficially' send the file to people by e-mail for private use. So if you'd like to hear the interview, drop me a line, and I'll email you the link to the MP3. It's 2.6 Mb.

I've just listened to it again, and it's actually not too bad - better than it seemed from my end of things while doing it. Genevieve is a very good interviewer!

I drove home, and landed into the middle of Dotter's 16th Birthday Party! Which I hadn't really cooked ahead for... I'd done the shopping, and menu planning, but no actual cooking had happened. Damn. So I went straight into cooking mode, and spent the next 5 hours in the kitchen, in the midst of about 10 teenagers playing Magic cards and talking real loud!

There were 30 marinated & roast chicken legs, about 50 mini beef pastries (don't they look pretty?!), French Onion dip with vegetable sticks, and a yoghurt dip with fresh fruit (all low-fat and diabetic friendly). Thankfully Son made the chocolate cake (also low fat and medium GI), as I'd had about enough by then.

The teens have all gone home, apart from lovely Boy Friend M, who is staying for dinner. Which I haven't started yet, but will be chicken breasts with Brie, fresh rosemary, and sundried tomato stuffing, rice and steamed veg, and Citrus Rice Pudding for dessert. Dotter has had a brilliant day, and loved her gifts - we got her a pile of stuff from Think Geek, which she's been lusting after for years, as well as 2 balls of German sock yarn (thanks George for making that possible!), and some soft roving from the Wool Room in Young.

Then maybe I can do some knitting?


  1. I can't wait to hear it - but have to wait to get home to the place where email actually works... still too lame to make it work on my laptop. But I will click on that link as soon as I get home tonight to have you send me the file. Yay! Something to look forward to, other than unpacking from the beach.

    Birthday sounds like it went off well - though that was a lot of cooking...

  2. cindy cheerfully2:20 am, July 09, 2007

    Happy birthday to your Dotter!!!!
    Pastries look yummy - whole menu sounded delightful. Can't wait to hear your interview. Glad it all went well and you were able to combine celebrity with mommy business for an extra special day. (Yeah, talking on the radio is still special, despite what you may have been telling yourself...lol.)

  3. Good work Jejune. You were fantastic. I could *hear* you keeping yourself slow and it worked. It was a wonderful interview with lots of great moments.

    Then all the cooking afterwards! I think you should have a day off today!

    It's a good thing Lulu wasn't there for the party. She'd have just been in the way.

  4. how fantastically busy and creative your life is! im sure youre exhausted but its worth it :)

  5. What a full on day. Sounds like Dotter had a great time and what fantstic food. Rest day today, methinks! Feet up, and knit!

  6. Yay you! So glad that now you are famous you will still keeping blogging for the fans! Will email you for the file.

  7. Well done you! So thrilled that you had a good experience with the radio interview. I had a person with a weird syntax issue interview me and it was really hard to answer the questions as I could never figure out whether he was making a statement or a question. I'll email for the file; the friend who I commented on really enjoyed your report and I think that she'll enjoy the interview too (and I know I will!).

  8. I presume you realise with meals like that, lovely Boyfriend M might NEVER go home? Sounds like a good food day at your place to me.
    Saw the exhibition on Sunday, you're knitting is beautiful. We have knitted a lot of same things, but they look so different! I love that.


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