11 July 2007

Cards! Woo hoo!

Last week I decided to take a calculated business risk, and had 2,400 Knitting Art cards printed - 600 each of 4 designs - Anticipation, Casting On, The Red Mug, and The Pink Shawl :

It's so exciting to have these boxes of cards - actual real cards. They're A6 (ie A5 folded in half) on a good heavy card, and are blank inside. I'm packaging them with envelopes and in cellophane bags. They are available singly, and as a pack of 4 (1 of each design). They will be available at the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition (ie at Craft ACT) from this Friday.

I am also going to sell them on my soon-to-be-opened online store. Once I finish writing the legal Terms & Conditions, and Privacy Notice, and upgrade the shopping cart software to the latest release. See how much fun I get to have? I'm also going to send samples around the country to see if anyone else wants to sell the cards, places like Ozeyarn, The Wool Shack, Wool Baa, Yarn mag, and so on. If you are a knitting shop owner and interested, please drop me a line for wholesale pricing information (I have an ABN and am registered for GST).

My thanks as ever to the brilliant boys out at New Millennium Print who always print things on time, even insane deadlines like I presented them with last week, and fantastically well. Love you guys!

Now, some actual KNITTING content (don't die from shock).

Here is how my Pink Spring Shawl (yes, the same one that features in The Pink Shawl card) is going with its green / pink/ grey border. Is pretty!

And some Finished Objects!

The Red Stash Lap Rug firstly - it's not too big, not too small - just right for tucking over your lap, and won't drape all over the floor (90 x 65 cm). It's very cuddly cosy warm. And bright. A double crochet border tied the whole thing together neatly. These reds are hard to photograph - but it's a deep magenta pinky red, with stripes of other yarns. As you can see I didn't give much thought to which direction the mitred squares were pointing, and didn't care. No seams, as I picked up stitches along the edges and knit out from there.

And my Vintage Hues Scarf is done and being worn! It took me about 8 days all up. It's long, and VERY warm. I really love the colours in this yarn, and the way they change. I'll be using this stuff again, I can tell! The Yarn Harlot's pattern was easy to memorise, and really effective. Another keeper.

Last but definitely not least, I was the very lucky winner of The Shopping Sherpa's 'lucky door' prize to celebrate her 500th post. It arrived in the mail yesterday - a tricky folding up shopping bag, in her very cool Shopping Sherpa fabric! Isn't it wonderful?

PS Thank you everyone for your lovely kind words yesterday about Jan. Still feeling melancholy.. wish I could attend her funeral, but New Zealand is too far at short notice...

PPS Dotter is away at Merimbula, staying with her Oma (grandmother) for a week, mainly because boyfriend M is also staying in Merimbula visiting his dad and grandparents too. So she will be missing the Knit 1 Blog 1 opening on Friday. I'm sure you understand - boyfriend ? - exhibition ? - boyfriend ? - exhibition ? - hmmm, hmmm.... which one to choose? LOL!

PPPS Is anyone else having trouble adding Titles to their Blogger posts? It's driving me NUTS.


  1. All exciting items - can't comment on just one but I'm mega excited about the cards and the caterpillar shawl.

    Re blogger headings - yep it's a bugger. Try clicking beside and to the left of the field rather than in the field.

  2. Huh - that worked! Thanks for the Title tip... :)

  3. Wow, the cards look amazing! It must be so exciting to see your work like that.

    And how cool is the TSS shopping bag? Very groovy - lucky thing you!

  4. Yes - I'm having title troubles too - Taph's tip tops! (heh, couldn't help myelf!)

    I will have lots of the "anticipation" and "red mug" cards (when you are ready to sell). Feel free to send them to me in the Shopping Sherpa bag (how fab is it!!)

  5. So many lovely things: the cards are delightful, the shawl is so pretty, the scarf is wonderful and the bag very cute!!!!

  6. Oooo - stationery. This is a worse addiction than stash building. Shall be v. excited when you're all set up. I love the Vintage Hues scarf - the colourway is so much better knitted up than in the ball (a little like the Jet colourways).

    Sorry to hear about your friend. Death is so hard when unexpected and for no apparent reason.

  7. i looooove the cards, i definately want a set. i wont be there to buy some but if you have some left i will do a mail order. and that scarf is just gorgeous, its like Canberra in Autumn! congrats on all the great work :)

  8. I REALLY want some of those cards so will hit your store as soon as you've got it up and running.

  9. Love scarf. Am awed by shawl. Envy bag. WANT cards! MANY cards. I know about a dozen people who need them as gifts. Eagerly anticipating the opening of your store. Trumpet it abroad quite loudly when it happens. ok?

  10. cindy cheerfully2:13 am, July 12, 2007

    I'd love to buy some cards to give as Chrissie pressies! Great stuff - you go, girl!

  11. I am so excited to hear about the cards! I saw them on your site and wanted to order some, but then couldn't choose a pattern, and got all discumbobulated. (Decision-making and me, we're not friends.) So I am thrilled to hear you're mixing them up and will be first in line to buy some when the time comes!

  12. Wow, despite all the crap going on for you right now, your output is amazing Jejune. I ADORE that scarf - pretty photo too - and your cards are wonderful. I can't wait to get some.


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