01 July 2007

Wool Room glories

Yesterday Bells took me to Young (country town, about a 2 hour drive NW from Canberra). It was a 'get away from the stresses of life' day for both of us.

We got a park right outside The Wool Room, and spent a very happy hour or so rummaging around in the back of the shop, looking at pattern books (they have a huge range!), and the yarny goodness. I must admit we didn't do very well at restraining each other ('Oooh, this is beautiful, should I get some?' 'Yes').

The owner Kate was very welcoming, and asked us to explain about the whole blogging thing, which we did - Kate is shown here tidying books (and in the midst of end-of-financial year chaos; she kept apologising for the untidiness of things, which we, to be honest, didn't notice - but I think we were a bit punch drunk on the yarn ;)

I shall post of pic of the yarny goodness that came home with me soon - but to more immediate things...

Since my Branching Out scarf is now in the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition until nearly the end of August, I need a new fast winter scarf.

So last night I started on the Yarn Harlot's One Row scarf pattern (the same one Bells knit recently in red), using my new Cleckheaton's Vintage Hues (pretty pretty!), fresh from the Wool Room.

I got this far in one night, while watching the new Dr Who (like the new sidekick!), and Series 5 of Scrubs (on DVD). I should be able to finish it in the next day or so - since it will be quite short, I think I'll have a go at adding a button and buttonhole to fasten it.


  1. Gorgeous scarf. That vintage hues stuff is lovely!

    I will have to get to Young some time, sounds great.

  2. how fast is that scarf growing! Oh my goodness. I told you it was fast.

    Was a great day, wasn't it?

  3. Wow, is it so close? I would drive 2 hours just getting across town in Sydney some days! Sounds like a great store and a fun day. Although I think Beloved may be a bit gun shy of yarn shops after Germany - he gets all twitchy if I even mention yarn!!

    Scarf is looking great - gorgeous yarn!

  4. How plesant life can be when you needn't worry about a wayward ewe.


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