02 July 2007

Vintage Luck & Pink Progress

Dotter, BoyFriend and I went to Stitch'n Time today, to get her some sock wool to knit gloves for BF, and introduce him to his first yarn shop :) And I thought, hmmm, it would be nice to have a third ball of my Vintage Hues, so my scarf can be longer... and maybe since the colours vary, it wouldn't matter if the balls came from different shops & dye lots. Dale opened the bag of Vintage Hues, and I happened to have my scarf with me, with a ball band - would you believe it, the dye lots were the same. Even Dale was excited about that one!

And pink shawl progress - I've started the edging pattern at last. And I'm finally using my 'Caterpillar Yarn' from the Wool Fest last year!

I love the way the Caterpillar Yarn has pinks in it that blend with the main pink of the shawl, so the green and grey sections of the border lace will blend gradually with the pinks! See.... not pink stitches!

And check out this short article about Knit 1 Blog 1 from ABC Radio, with Barb McConchie...


  1. The Yarn Goddess smileth upon you! And I can hardly wait to see how the caterpillar edges that lovely shawl. Good work!

  2. Your shawl is looking so good, Jejune. Just beautiful.

    I've gotta ask - why did you happen to have a ball band with you?

  3. Wow, freaky....do tell, how did the BF go in said yarn shop??

    The shawl is looking amazing, can't wait to see more edges.

  4. I keep singing the "Inch Worm" song in my head when I look at the lovely shawl. ;)

  5. I had the ball band with me cos I had the whole scarf with me, for knitting on the go :)

    And the BF is handling the whole knitting obsession and wool shop thing very calmly, taking it in his stride. He likes cables, and is learning about the different types of yarn. He's a keeper!

    Dotter is knitting him a pair of gloves, from the latest issue of Yarn (he's a cyclist, and gets cold hands).

  6. What good luck: that hardly ever happens, you need to buy a ticket in Tatts!!! I am very interested to see what the edging will look like!!


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