30 July 2007

Only One Thing

Dotter is still seeing doctors, about one appointment a week at the moment - and it's becoming clear that her worsening ill health over the past 2 years has been due to the slow onset of the Type 1 Diabetes. I've joined an online forum for parents with T1 kids, and am now hearing of other kids who've also had years of intense exhaustion, crippling joint pains, and low appetite before the diabetes is diagnosed, just like Dotter! Who'd have thunk it?!

This is actually a bloody relief - we're now dealing with ONE disease, not a confusing conglomeration of weird things. Her muscles are no longer starved of energy, so her muscles and joints should start to build up strength again, she's not wiped out all the time, and she's eating normally for the first time in years! All this from 4 insulin injections a day - amazing.

A few weeks after starting on insulin, the pancreas has a last hurrah, and starts working a bit for a while - a few weeks or even months - before failing completely (and there's no way to extend this period yet - but it is an area of research). Dotter has hit this 'honeymoon' period now, so her blood sugar levels are, as she says 'abnormally normal - it's freakin' me out!' Her insulin needs have dropped for the moment, she's only needing 4 units with meals, instead of 8 or 10.

And for the obligatory photo - a puppy update. Lily's had her cast off, revealing her poor shaved leg, with it's long scar over the knee. She's not putting any weight on it, and is getting quite proficient at hopping along on 3 legs. The vet has prescribed warm baths for swimming as puppy physio. Hmmm. She doesn't like baths, but it's probably worth a try - easier than trying to stretch out her leg by hand, and having her nip at us!


  1. It must be such a relief to know what's wrong, huh? And lucky to live in this day and age where there's a plethora of information and support available. It always amazes me how well animals cope with infirmity. Sounds like Lily's doing really well!

  2. Glad everyoe is feeling happy and well, or almost well. I think the shaving makes it look worse than it is. We have a Vet who does acupunture near us, and Tori has some kind of electric pulse treatment that worked too!!

  3. It's good to hear that Dotter is experiencing a period of much needed physical relief due to the new medication. It'd be nice if the "honeymoon" period would last as long as possible for her.

    Re: Lily ... "She's not putting any weight on it, and is getting quite proficient at hopping along on 3 legs." Maybe the hopping causes her to exert more energy and that's contributing in part to why she's not gaining? It's harder than her normal way of getting around, I suppose.

    Well so much for now. My pup just chewed up some of the carpet - little gnawer that she is! I could kill her. She's going after the internet cable that's under the carpet. I have to see if my man can do something about that to stop her from doing any more damage!!!!

  4. Excellent, excellent news. Abnomally normal is such a great description.

  5. I'm so glad that finally everything is settling down for Dotter and you have an answer and a clear way forward. And that Lily is getting better too - the hsaving does always look a bit scary!

  6. Our cat fell from a shelf(where he didn't belong) and hit the counter and then the floor. He broke his leg and dislocated his knee. He (Calvin) spent 6 weeks in a cast which we learned fairly quickly that we had to cover with a plastic bag or follow him to the litter box so he wouldn't pee on it. When the cast finally came off, he didn't use the poor, naked leg for a long time. It almost seemed like he forgot it was there. After a while, he put some weight on it and now he is almost as good as new. He has some trouble jumping because of the way the leg healed (they told us to keep him still, can you imagine?) but he doesn't seem to mind. I'm glad dotter is feeling so normal. Normalcy is nothing to sneer at.

  7. Hooray for normalcy! So glad Dotter is feeling much better.

    And Lily too! Poor little pooch has probaby forgotten what her leg is for - she's work it out soon enough!

  8. (commenting from local library)
    Well, hurrah for Othlon! I'm glad that she gets this wee period, even though it must jigger up learning how to deal with the insulin for a bit. The best thing is that her joint pain and fatigue seem to be resolving. That's brilliant and so important in high school when a person is battling normal growing pains, cramming one's head with information and trying to figure out how to be a social animal. Yay for abnormal normality : )

  9. Dear little Lily - hope she gets used to the warm baths.

    Good news on Dotter too - always sending well wishes for continued good health. Not fair that young people should have this struggle, but great there is so much information available now.

  10. Oh hooray for modern medicine! Blessings on Dotter and Lilly, too. We want pictures of those swim sessions!

  11. What a relief it must have been, after all that time, to finally have answers. Knowledge is power and any support is a wonderful thing.
    Wishing Dotter health and happiness.


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