23 July 2007

Silk Bangle Puppy

Look at what Miss Spidey gave me yesterday - had to share, if only to make you insanely jealous. It's some of her handspun silk... utterly delicious! Thank you Spidey. It's just beautiful.

I splurged badly at Craft ACT, after teaching my class (yes, blew all my earnings!)... am now the proud owner of an original Liana Kabel bracelet. I think this certifies that I now have the mental age of a 6 1/2 year old (growing up at last!). Dotter has some of the cool knitting needle 'tops' earrings.

Lily got her narcotic patch off today at 1pm - which also meant the wide restrictive bandage around her neck was removed. And suddenly - Ooooh, I can lick my leg now! And lick. And lick. And lick. It got all red and sore within HOURS people. By 4pm we were back at the vet for the conehead treatement, and some soothing ointment. The Mini Vet (she was all of 4'6") also snipped the edge of the cast to make it less binding at the top edge.

Only 5 more days of this - the cast comes off on Saturday. At the vet all the nurses came out to say Hi to Lily - they all think she's the nicest chihuahua they've ever met!

My Harry Potter word search was in The Sunday Age yesterday, on page 5! I've never been sitting that close to the front before! W00t! They put a spoiler into the hidden message, which wouldn't have been my choice, but it was their puzzle after all... It was still a great commission! For the record, I'm not a huge Harry Potter fan... Dotter's boyfriend helped me come up with a good word list ;)

Dotter survived her first day at school with type 1 diabetes - she checked her blood on time, and remembered her insulin before lunch and everything. Proud of her. We need to submit an Emergency Treatment Plan for school - but it's all on a standard form; they have done this before, after all, even if we haven't. Back at hospital tomorrow again for our next education session.


  1. Oh thank you for spending your hard earned cash on my jewellery!

  2. you know you should be thankful you returned home with that silk. BB very nearly swallowed it whole!

    Poor Lily!!

    Glad Dotter's first day went well. Very glad to hear it.

  3. hey - glad to hear so much great news from you guys!
    I'm not sure if you're still looking for an AWW fat and carb pocket guide, but I have one I bought about a year ago that I never use - let me know if you'd like it =)

  4. Very glad to hear things at Chez Jejune are going well.

    I can't tell you how proud and impressed I was to see your puzzle on Sunday - Im such a groupie!

    Thanks for letting me fondle the silk *sigh* So very lovely.

  5. hey glad I can help =)
    I've sent you a message via facebook so we can organise something =)

  6. Poor Lily, she looks so sad, even though we know it is for her own good. Of course she is the best chihauhua in the world!! Glad the whole school communication/coping thing is going well. Great Bracelet!!!

  7. I must send you a piccie of Chloe doing the conehead thing post-spaying ... she looks miserable in it, and she was. I substituted a bandana tied around her mid-section and that (amazingly) was worn without a problem.

    (Did you notice I called Lily Lulu in another post comment? Sorry - !)

    Nice yarn - love the color. And your nails look fab. That bracelet is ultra cool ... a bent knitting needle, I take it???? What will people think of next.

    Gotta run ... glad to hear Dotter's 1st day of school went well. (Chloe is ringing the doorbell to go out.)

  8. You have such good fingernails - always beautifully painted - I am hopeless at painting my fingernails. Sigh. Love your bracelet and glad all going pretty well for Lily and Dotter.

  9. The yarn is so pretty! Can't wait to see what you make. Glad to hear Dotter's first day went well, and that Lily's recovery is progressing. I'm off to check out some cool jewelry now...


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