17 July 2007

A capella

Here's my A capella capelet - it's nearly finished already! Super fast knit - I got this much done in one day (OK, I didn't do much else, but still!). I'm really enjoying the Shadow Tweed. This is Colour 6906 - isn't it just gorgeous? I'm probably going to need to dip into a second 100g ball to finish this capelet, so maybe 120g of wool all up? Then I'll need some nice buttons. I think I'm going to pick up stitches along the lower edge and add a few rows of a simple lace.

Verdict at the vet's? Lily is going in first thing tomorrow for an examination under anaesthetic. If they think she has a ruptured cruciate ligament (which they think is very likely), they'll keep her under and do the deed. She has a mild heart murmur, which has developed with age, so I'm a bit worried about her coping with surgery. She's nearly 12, after all. The vets are of course very reassuring - they operate on dogs with heart murmurs all the time, so while there is a slightly higher chance of things going wrong, they're sure she'll be OK. Poor puppy, I hate to leave her there :( She'll be there overnight if they operate tomorrow. She really pines when she's away from us, doesn't eat, shivers ...

Dotter is slowly getting better blood sugar control with the help of the doctor-on-a-phone (every night I call her, report Dotter's blood sugar readings, and she tells us what dosages of insulin to inject). The diabetes specialist gets back tomorrow, as do the educators (they've all been off at various conferences). We've enjoyed (and needed) the past 4 hospital-free days, but that will all change now - back to being edu-ma-cated. I'm feeling a bit less freaked by it all, it's been good to have a breather.

Boyfriend is back from the coast, so Dotter and he are both much happier :) I missed him too, actually!


  1. The capelet is gorgeous! And so quick. A lace edge will be such a nice touch. May you have many, many opportunities to wear it.

  2. You will no doubt find some nice buttons to compliment your work. You sure did a lot of stitching in short time - it'll be off the needles in no time!

    Glad to hear Dotter is coming along - one baby step at a time (and that you are "less freaked out").

  3. Oh I want to make that! I want one too!

    Poor Lily. I hope she doesn't have to undergo too much that might be traumatic for all of you.

  4. ooohh, that does knit up beautifully.

    Thoughts are with poor Lily, and hopefully they can fix her up. Im sure lots of cuddles and tlc will make her forget any time away from the family nest!

  5. Event hough the shadows pool a bit, they show up nicely with the overall pattern. Noice : )

    I hated taking my cat for his overnight prep & operation - he's such a woos with strangers and I felt like an incredible sadist... then I put him in quarantine for 30days!

  6. That cape is GORGEOUS! The shadow tweed is a bit of a winner, huh? I'll have to try getting some to see how it crochets up, although I am also really tempted by vintage hues at the moment too.

    I read your newer post - Lily is the sweetest looking dog! Hope she feels better soon. In the meantime I'm sure you'll be busy spoiling her rotten.


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