01 July 2007

Can I knit it all at once?

This is what came home with me from the Wool Room... I don't think they're going to languish in the stash for long. They may not even make it off the coffee table, before being knit up!

2 balls of Cleckheaton Vintage Hues - for a scarf (nearly finished)
2 balls of Patons Inca - Bam! Socks! for my mother-in-law (probably being knit by Dotter)
3 balls of Patons Shadow Tweed - for a short shoulder cape / poncho thingy for me, to keep me warm at my desk, pattern to be decided
3 balls of Shepherd 12ply 100% Lambswool Felted from New Zealand in a leaf green - either Bam! Socks! or a cabled hat - this yarn is a bit like Twilley's Freedom, a thick single, with only a bit of twist. Very very nice.

This is my first time using the Vintage Hues and Shadow Tweed 'gradual colour change' yarns - I'm certainly enjoying knitting with the Vintage Hues so far!

PS My email isn't working, hopefully will be fixed by tomorrow.


  1. I have been picking up and fondling that patons yarn (in grey and white) for a long while. I really like it for a nice warm pair of socks but I am reluctant to give someone a garment that has to be hand washed. I don't know if I would want to hand wash socks. Our store only seems to carry the 100 percent wool.

  2. Lots of pretties! I like the way the vintage hues is knitting up - must resist the urge to cast on mine for a felted bag!

  3. Oooohh, nice yarn porn there Jejune. Have to say I think both you and bells were *very* restrained given how great that yarn store looks from the pics!!! So well done!

  4. i cant believe how restrained you two were. look at all those pattern books for starters!! i am thinking of coming down for the day to see the exhibit and in late sept i will be in cowra for a yard dog thing and thought i might pop into a certain wool shop in boroowa - perhaps another road trip?!

  5. Of course you can cast on all the yarns at once - it;s a cunning plan to reduce potential stash congestion ; ) I love vintage hues range but I'm being VERY stern about the shrug at the moment.
    So glad you enjoyed yourself in Young. This was on my 'gunna' list of local travel for when I went on hollies but I have yet to find a travelling companion who won't roll their eyes if I want to stop and look at stuff along the way or pee every 30mins.

    Thanks for the taste.com.au website! it's great!


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