22 July 2007

Photographic Proof

How's this for a self-referential photo? This is a picture of my Blog being projected onto the wall at Craft ACT, with my previous post on the wall... LOL!

And here a couple of pics from my Short Circuit Scarf Class today ....

See - real people actually knitting, having fun, and learning stuff! Can anyone spot Bells, and Knittydoll's back?

BB was heartbroken at being able to see Lulu but not kiss her... ahhh, such poignancy; the cruel consequences of a life of crime....

Al got a chance to try on my just-finished A capella capelet (which was toasty warm!) - he looks pretty pleased about it, don't you think?

In home news, Lily is going OK, although not frightfully happy about her bandaged leg. We probably shouldn't laugh as she tries to walk, but ends up sort of pirouetting around, veering off to the right, and landing on her backside. She gets the narcotics patch off tomorrow.

And Semester 2 / Term 3 starts tomorrow! So we'll need to inform Dotter's school about her diabetes, and get a hypo kit to them (some fast acting (jelly beans) and slow acting (muesli bar) carb foods in case her blood sugar goes too low, plus medical info). There's already one student with type 1 at her school, so hopefully they'll be familiar with it all. She's not looking forward to having to inject at school, but she has to, at lunch time. Another mental hurdle to get over.


  1. OMG, woman - you crack me up!

  2. And look at Lulu, the minx, smiling and waving flirtatiously.

    Hope the cold didn't get you down too much while you soldiered through, teaching the class. Now is it time to lie down and put your feet up and cuddle that puppy for a while? Poor Lily. (Can't help but laugh.)

    Nice to know that dotter is not the only one at school with type 1. It helps to know someone with the same concerns.

  3. The proof is in the pictures! Glad to see your class had a nice turnout. Glad to hear Lulu is coming along and gets her patch off and Dotter will have somewhat of a support group at her school to help her along.
    Capelet looks lovely, even on the "stiff" (LOL).

  4. Hey!! The class was great, bravo!!! Thanks again. I'm glad we, the students, weren't too mischevious, even with cheeky Lulu around to conspire with ;)

  5. it was a great class jejune. Thanks so much.

    BB is happy now he's at least seen Lulu.

  6. Al is probably tickled to be wearing such a thing of beauty! Hope all goes well w/Dotter & meds...I'm sure she will do fine. (Lulu can flirt through iron bars--the plexiglass is not a problem...)


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