03 July 2007

Classy Act

As I'm sure you've read everywhere, the Knit 1 Blog 1 exhibition at Craft ACT is opening next week! Lulu has been incarcerated for her recent sins, and my knitting projects have been delivered.

I'm also offering two classes - here are the details :

Short Circuit Scarf

Sunday 22 July, 10am to 11:30am
Learn how the magic of short rows can help you create a stunning curly whirly scarf (designed by Taph, and being taught with her permission).
Bring 1 ball of 8-12 ply smooth soft yarn (not mohair, boucle, feathers, eyelash, etc), 1 pair of knitting needles that suit the weight of yarn or a bit bigger (eg 4 to 5mm needles for 8ply yarn).
Skill level - easy, all you need to know is how to cast on and knit. Pattern sheet provided.
and Happy Spidey and I are offering :

Knitting First Aid
Sunday 12 August, 10am to 1pm
This is your chance to bring along all your tough knitting questions and all those problem, unfinished and abandoned knitting projects. We will help you get started again. No techniques or questions too simple. One-on-one help. Bring along your problem knits, whatever projects you're stuck on as well as the knitting patterns. Please bring a notebook and pen for taking notes.
Would you believe I actually dreamt the idea for the first aid class, woke up, thought, hmmmm, am I nuts or is this a good idea? Ran it past a few pals, teamed up with Spidey, and handed it over to Barb at Craft ACT. So if it turns out to be an insanely stupid day, you can blame my dreams ;)


  1. thanks Jejune - happy to take that on!

  2. Display version of the Short Circuit scarf all delivered. Phew!

  3. both classes will be excellent, I'm sure!

  4. The first aid class is brilliant! : ) What a super idea. I'm sure it will really be helpful to quite a lot of people. Looking forward to hear how it goes - what kind of a turnout you get, interesting projects people bring, interesting people, etc.

    Good luck with it!

  5. I think the first aid class is a great idea - hope it goes well - and good on you for thinking of it and doing it!

  6. I've got a funny feeling that a lot of WIPs will progress simply because of your dream resulting in this 'first aid' class! I've a funny feeling you'll be asked to repeat it!


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