24 July 2007

Mariah & Icarus, with Cape

I actually worked on Mariah last night, and finished the fronts (up to the same level as the back) - I got a bit of a fright when I measured them against the back - despite having the same number of rows, the fronts were about 2 cm longer! My tension must have changed a bit? However, after pinning them, they seem to fit better.

So I'm up to casting on the second sleeve!

I've started another Knitting Art painting - I had the idea of having a brightly coloured tablecloth, and a white cup and knitting. I'm painting Dotter's Icarus shawl. Hers is pale blue, but I'll make it white in my painting. Setting up the still life takes about an hour - I've got to make sure the design is just right. And then the preliminary sketch takes about 2 hours. I used a 3H pencil, which won't smudge. It also isn't very dark, so doesn't photograph well... More progress photos will come!

And this is me (in that chic "early morning not really awake yet" look) wearing A capella. It's really lovely, I'm wearing it all the time, and it keeps my shoulders warm without getting in the way of computing work, and doesn't slip off like a shawl.


  1. oh that is such a cute photo!!!

    You're so far ahead of me on Mariah. I need to catch up.

    And I love seeing the progress shots. That's going to be beautiful.

  2. The cape looks fab - and sounds very practical - might have to make me one of those!!

  3. I'm waiting for you to do a 'with blue and white china' one

  4. The cape thingy looks great (of course it looked pretty flash on Al the other day too, but looks nicer on you)
    Can't wait for the next art installment.

  5. This is a wonderful blog, I found it when I googled something to do with knitting, and I've just read lots of your entries. :-)

  6. Good morning, Jejune - the cape is very chic! Love it. It was fun "watching" it go from the needles to the shoulders in what seems like just a few days. Great idea for the new watercolor arrangement. Have fun doing it! The colors will look fantastic together - especially how the shawl sets off against the white ceramic and the pretty ball of yarn.

  7. Lovely capelet Lovely smie! Thanks for showiong us the steps involved in making your gorgeous paintings!

  8. I was wondering where the Maria(s) were up to! Looking good is where...that front/back thing happens to me all the time, and I didnt think I was such an uneven knitter really - scary though!

    Can't wait to see the progress on the new painting; seeing the whole process from the very start is so exciting!

  9. I completely love that cape - and your lippy matches it beautifully (unless your lips are nekkid, in which case your lip shape is wonderfully defined!).

    As far as tension goes - blocking should be able to take care of a few measley centimeters!

    So glad to her that dotter is managing school and insulin well. Hugs and hearty congrats to you all for getting this far along : )


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