19 July 2007

Back home

Lily's home - still pretty doped out (that's a narcotics patch covered by the green bandage on her neck!), and her hind leg is all bandaged up, as you can see. Her chronically dislocated knee is all fixed and stablised; there was no damage to the cruciate ligament after all. It must have been some of the fiddliest surgery ever, such tiny joints!

Lily has a heart murmur so the vet didn't want her to go onto anti-inflammatory pain killers. She's the lowest permissible weight for the narcotics (3.2 kg) so we have to have to keep a close eye on her, and make sure her breathing doesn't get too slow. The med is at it's maximum effectiveness now, though, so she should be OK. It's a restricted drug, so we have to take her back on Monday to have it removed and logged on their official records.

Dotter, BF and I went to another education session at the hospital today, this time with the dietician - low-GI isn't so important now, but carbohydrate exchanges are - wheee, something new to learn. I was yawning through the whole 2 hours - so terribly overtired. Anyone know where I can find a copy of the Women's Weekly's Fat and Carb Pocket Guide? The first newsagency I checked (Erindale) didn't have it.

I've just finished a rush puzzle job - my agent called late yesterday with a request for a large Harry Potter word search for The Sunday Age. Worked until about 11pm last night, and have just sent the final version in - it'll be in this Sunday's Age (22nd July).

My pen pal Cindy (who often comments on my Blog - HI Cindy!!) has stepped into the world of Blogging! So drop on over and say hi - her blog is Honeygo Beasley, named after her gorgeous puppy Chloe. It's a pretty doggy blog :D

Finally, thanks everyone for your encouraging words about my online shop - and for the orders that have come in - very exciting!

It's my TV night again - Inspector Rex and The Eagle - I'm really really ready to veg out in front of the box!! My A capella capelet is nearly done - I want to add a garter stitch border to make it a bit deeper, and then it's just buttons. Still have to cook dinner first though.


  1. Poor little Lily - she's home and happier for certain. Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery for the dear little woof woof.

    You have some luck on ebay.au for the WW Fat and Carb Pocket Guide.

    You're certainly experiencing a busy period at present. Enjoy your tv night.

  2. Congratulations on the commission for HP puzzle! No wonder you yawned through the appointment! Hugs to the puppy.

  3. Painting, knitting, puzzles - is there anything you can't do!

    Hope Lily recovers ok and things settle down for you a bit now.

  4. RoseRed - I'm REALLY REALLY crap at sports! LOL :)

    Thanks for the eBay idea Janette - will check that out now.

  5. So very glad to see Lily is home and that everything went well.

    Will keep my eyes open for the fat and carb counter. All that reading labels, looking up, calculating... Im sure it will get easier as you all get the hang of it though. At least once you've caught up on some sleep!

  6. Glad to hear Lily is home now. It's amazing what the vets can do ... "nano" surgery.

    For the book, check out this site (offering multiple ways to purchase):


    AND thanks for the "plug" re: my blog, which is still in its infancy stages...

    - Cindy in the US

  7. After you have finished Nigella, you and Bells might want to work through a diabetic cook book planning and trying entire balanced meals. There are lots and lots of diabetics out here who would love the inspiration, and all of us could stand to eat healthier.

  8. Glad to see Lily's home safe and sound! My daughter was VERY IMPRESSED by your Harry Potter crossword and wondered why I don't have a cool job, too. (I gently explained she fried any brain cells I have left, and I can barely DO crosswords any more, let alone CREATE them.) So I'm not going to show her your art, too - I'm waiting to get home to order the cards; I love 'em!

  9. Yay for Lily being home - recover well little dog. Hope the TV was relaxing.

    Hugs all round.

  10. Hope the puppy is okay--can I just say your day-job is sooooooooo cool...a Harry Potter puzzle...how awesome is that?


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