31 May 2007

The conversion continues

Last week I saw the Family of Five again at hydrotherapy, and I was ready!

I had a bag of 5 (surplus) pairs of knitting needles and 5 balls of red yarn (OK, OK, it was acrylic, I admit it - I'm generous, but not that much!), and a card with some weblinks, including Knitty.com, Knitting Help, and our Stitch'n Bitch Yahoo Group. I showed Mum how to do a slip knot and cast on, and she knew how to knit from there.

I gave the two older boys more lessons, while their mum helped her eldest daughter. All five kids were so excited, very grateful, and very full on! I don't know how their mum copes...

I have corrupted them though. It's only a matter of time before they realise that natural fibre is just so delicious, and they need a slightly different sized needle, and wouldn't a special pattern book be nice, and ... bwah ha ha ha haaa >;)


  1. That's how the pushers work. The first one's free, then, soon as you're hooked, the cost of the drug goes right up!

    Good for you!

  2. Well, you've got them - ahem - hooked. Sorry to use the cr*chet word here, but does fit.

    Great to hear knitting's not just for girls in that family - all the kids are doing it!

  3. Excellent work oh evil one - they will all join us!

  4. I bow before your complete awesomeness.

  5. wow. Excellent job! Were you a girl guide? You know, always prepared?


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