13 May 2007

Short Ciruit!

It's curly, it's whirly... it's the Short Circuit Scarf!

This is the clever short-row scarf pattern by Taph. I used 3 balls of Zhivago, in lurid green-yellow. A show stopper whenever I knit it in public - and will probably be the same when I wear it! I won't tell you when I cast on because it's an embarrassingly long time ago...

K came over today for a fitting of her cardigan in progress - I tacked the pieces together very quickly with yarn, so she could try it on - and the good news is it fits well, phew. Only 1 sleeve to go, then sewing up, and adding ribbed edgings to hem, cuffs, and neckband. My hands are playing up again, though, so I can't do as much as I'd like, damn and blast :/

Happy Mothers' Day all you mums out there!


  1. Scarf looks great! I can only imagine how it would draw attention in public ;-)

    What a relief that the Pink Fluff is on track size-wise.

  2. Ooohwhee - looking spectacular, Jejune. Love the drapieness of yours.

    Glad the Alien's garment is going well. Maybe the hand pain is in direct proportion to the amount of pink fluff on the go?

  3. Looks like that greenruffle scarf is all short rows! No wonder it took a long time to knit!! Very fresh and tangy. What will you pair it with? A blue jacket? A crimson sweater? It has such dramatic accent possibilities. Hope your hands ease up soon.

  4. Yay I'm glad the cardie fits!

  5. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day! Can't wait to see your next blog - assuming you get some knitty gifts in honor of your special day!
    Your scarf is just fabulous. Great colors. And am so glad to hear the fitting went well and your finishing up. May both works be worn in good health - that is to say, may your hands be feeling better soon (a little rest in store?).


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