26 May 2007

Bugger it

Due to various stuff-ups on the part of my ex-ISP (which has gone out of business) and the domain name registrar, my domain name has expired, despite my madly trying to renew it for the past two days. So all e-mail to my regular e-mail will bounce, and my web site is gone for the moment :/ My Yahoo email still works, though (kitkat3574 'at' yahoo ' dot' com 'dot' au). Hopefully normal service will resume by Monday!!

On the plus side, Bells, Sean and BB are coming over for dinner today! I'm cooking a Mexican feast - YUM! I used to live in Arizona as a kid, and Colorado as a grown-up, and LOVE Mexican food... So yummy foods (of course), knitting (of course), silly TV (of course), and wine (of course)!

Look at what Lulu gets up to when I'm not around. On the road, good grief, and can't see over the dashboard... she is one dangerous lamb! Definitely needs a sheeparone at all times!

We're a bit worried about Lulu and BB getting together over the Sangria this evening. Not sure if Lily the Chihuahua will be a good sheeparone - she's more of a chicken dog. Or a guinea pig dog. At least chihuahuas and guinea pigs are both Mexican ;)


  1. Bugger indeed!!

    BB is all set to go. He's ready for some romance. I almost have to sedate him.

  2. Don't be too worried about Lulu driving. After all, she can't reach the gas pedal. She's probably just pretending - you know, a legend in her own mind.


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