18 May 2007

Actual Rain & Real Wool

It's raining! It started around 11pm last night, and is still going! We'll need several weeks of this to fill the dams (unlikely), but it helps the gardens and help me feel more relaxed somehow... look - water on the ground!

It's so worrying when our dams are nearly empty, and we face much tougher water restrictions in the near future. Sad when we all think 'What is that sound?' when rain hits the roof...

Progress on Mariah - slow. I decided to just do 20 rows (about 2"?) of the cabled rib instead of 5". There's only so much attention my tummy needs, after all ;) I'm now a few rows into plain stocking stitch (nice easy TV knitting now!). My hands are still not really good, so I'm having to be careful about how much knitting I do :(

And some goodies which have mysteriously found their way into my home over the past few weeks - the cutest book of baby knits ever, by Cleckheaton; some soft green Heirloom baby wool; and useful tools - more cable needles to replace the ones which periodically run away from home; and a sewing / knitting ruler gauge, useful - oddly enough - for sewing and knitting.

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  1. One of my favorite fragrances is first rain after a dry spell. Blessings on you. May this be a long, wet winter for you. (I can't believe I'm saying that, but I know it's what Oz needs. And anyhow, it's sweater weather!)

    Does Lulu get out and splash in the puddles?


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