08 May 2007

Skirt & Surprises

Here it is, my grey wool skirt - I used the self-timer on my camera in the end... and my Branching Out scarf is wrapped around my neck...

Now all I need are some nicer shoes. I wear substantial orthotics, and only own 2 pairs of shoes - these black Kumfs, and a pair of sneakers. I'm planning on getting a more dressy pair of Kumfs in the near future, that will look better with skirts. At around $250 a pair they're a rare purchase... luckily they last for ages.

I received this amazing surprise in the mail today! My friend H read my blog last week, decided I could do with some relaxation, and posted this box across town... lovely Innoxa foam bath and a lavender candle, and yummy chocolates! And the box was wrapped in a MAP - totally cool packaging! Hmmmm, just what the treat doctor ordered :D

I haven't allowed myself many baths since water restrictions came in - but it's about time I did. It will be good for my hip, which is still playing up . Thank you H!

Had lunch with Bells at Manuka today - we enjoyed chicken and mushroom pies at Jones the Grocer, and then she led the way to The Shearing Shed. This was my first visit, can you believe it? Well, I rarely shop in Manuka... and yes, it's a tiny shop! We don't have any 'snooty ladies' stories to tell - a man was very appropriately manning the counter, and he was nice and quiet.

I bought 5 balls of yummy Heirloom Baby Wool (4 ply 25g balls, machine washable) in a soft light green - a friend is having her first bub in a few months (and no, it's not Kate) - and thoughts of a baby cardigan are rattling around my brain. Bells escaped unscathed - although there are some lovely pattern books there - Rowan, Nikki Epstein etc... she was strong!


  1. Your skirt looks great - very clever. Just needs a little "Made by Jejune" label to finish it I think!!!

  2. oooh, noice skirt! I share your pain re orthotics and shoes. I've just got my kumfs back from work last weekend and am swanning about with cute looking instead of crappy sneakers now ; )

    Isn't the Shearing Shed fun? I always enjoy myself there, although it's always a little concerning just how much yarn a LYS tries to stuff into a very small place. I'm always scared I'll be buried by a cascade when I want to get something out! Can you post/link what pattern you use for the matinee jacket?

  3. Your skirt looks great!! And I love the way your scarf matches your top!!I reckon you need your own label too!!

  4. Skirt. Is. Stunning. Thanks for going to so much effort to show us!
    It looks just great Jejune, suits you perfectly.

    And lucky you to get such a sweet care package. Indulge and enjoy!

    Shearing Shed is certainly an experience, at least they stock Jo Sharp.

  5. Ohhhh that skirt is divine! I am so impressed that you sewed that yourself! Very stylish and pretty.

  6. Having seen the skirt in person at lunch yesterday, i can vouch that it looks even lovelier in person. It's a beautiful cut and fabric.

  7. Skirt is great - well done. The care package is lovely, too - lots of little indulgences which is a Good Thing TM.

  8. Great work on the skirt!

    The Shearing Shed used to be in a slightly bigger shop. I hate that you now can't get at the 8ply without going behind the counter - essentially you have to ask.

  9. Cindy in the US2:44 am, May 11, 2007

    Enjoy your new skirt - it looks super comfortable.
    And what lovely gifts you received in the mail from your friend. Sounds like a wonderful time with Bells.
    And Bells vouched that the skirt is even more amazing in person - so very nice.



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