01 May 2007

Peppercorn Shawl

It's all done, and before my mother-in-law's birthday too (by 2 days!). I started on the border pattern a bit too soon, and so ended up adding increases to the edge. Some of it's a big fudged, but meh, it's not obvious.

Vital Stats : The Forest Canopy Shawl, in Bendigo's Rustic 8ply, colour Peppercorn. It's really a shoulder shawl, not very big.

Here's a detail of the edge, with beads added. I used the crochet-hook method described in the latest issue of Yarn. Basically, you slip a bead onto a very fine crochet hook (mine was 1mm), the slip the stitch to have a bead off the left needle, pull the stitch through the bead with the crochet hook, and put the stitch back on the needle, then knit it. A bit fiddly, but a hell of a lot easier than threading beads onto wool at the start.

In other news :

  • Step-mother's pink jacket has a right front, and nearly a left front. I'm having to adapt the pattern as I go.
  • My Knit Picks deluxe set has arrived from Perth. It's wonderful.
  • My Vogue Stictionary Volume 1 has arrived from Perth (WTF - no charts?!). It's very good, despite the lack of charts.
  • Mariah's first sleeve is nearly done.
  • My illustration rep loves my Knitting Art paintings, and has asked for some new smaller paintings for their collection. I'll be the only illustrator in their stable who illustrates knitting.
  • I am shuffling around with a walking stick again with what I suspect is psoas bursitis (I've had it before). Am nearly in enough pain to bear the horribly deep and painful cortisone injection that will treat it.
  • Am generally feeling very exhausted and not very chatty... 'cave' time.


  1. Really, really gorgeous jejune, and I love the colour and the bead detail. I'm sure it will be adored.

    Mmmmm, knitpicks, very envious, covet, covet...looking forward to a review. (mother's day and my birthday are both coming up!!)

    A stitch dictionary without charts? Yes Please! Me and charts, we don't really get along, might check this one out.

    Take care of yourself m'dear.

  2. The shawl is lovely - a great colour and the beads are a nice touch. Hope you are feeling less "cave-y" soon (although it can be quite nice to hibernate every so often with your knitting for company)

  3. oh that's beautiful! Absolutely lovely. Makes me think I should do my first shawl in something heavier than lace weight, just for the instant gratification factor - although obviously, no shawl knitting is THAT instant.

    Rest up. You need/deserve it.

  4. that shawl is deeee-licious! I love it. Beads too!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Lovely shawl, clever beading!!
    Yes, I was very disappointed that there were no charts. I still love it, but it would have been 'lurve' if there had been charts!!!

  6. That shawl is beautiful, and the beading idea just ingenious! :)

    Hope you're feeling less cave-y om Thursday. ^.^

  7. The shawl is lovely, I'm sure your MIL will be very impressed.

    Warm hugs.

  8. One suspects that your joints are a trifle humidity sensitive - the old weather-sensitive rheumatism thingy. Sorry to hear that you've resorted to canes. Does swimming assist at all (you know - warm water rather than clammy atmosphere)?

    Beading makes me sneeze. I'm in awe of anyone who would attempt it under any circumstances!

  9. Thanks everyone for your kind words - the shawl has been wrapped and will be posted to Merimbula today. Bit hard to part with it... but it's going to a good home :)

    My hip thing is more exercise related - bursitis is made worse through any repetitive activity. I've been aggravating it by doing physio exercises and swimming / walking (how fair is that?!). So rest, with ice packs and/or heat packs, and walking sticks to ease stress on the area are treatment of choice.

    Since I have a chronic problem, I need an ultrasound to check that's what's going on, and then a horrible cortisone injection into the bursa (guided by the ultrasound image). I had one 3 years ago, and it still makes me feel ill. So not looking forward to this treatment :(

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  11. That shawl is just lovely! I hope you're feeling a bit better...

    And btw the link you're looking for on my site is http://twitchyfingers.blogspot.com/
    2006/06/i-give-you-cassowary-bag.html - I'd have emailed it to you but I can't seem to get anyone's email address' on the new blogger!

  12. Nice work! Always great to stop by and see what you're posting.

    Feel better.

  13. Your shawl is gorgeous! Very clever of you putting beads on it!


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