09 May 2007


Ugh. Hormonal migraine. Ow #/

On the plus side, it's the Eurovision Song Contest this weekend - are you ready for the insanity? We'll be watching, with homemade score cards at the ready!

Yes, Bells, it's on Sunday night SBS 7.30 - 10.30 pm. There's also the preliminary finals on Saturday night at 8.30pm if you're a glutton for punishment ;)


  1. ow indeed. Hugs.

    When is it on? Sunday night? If so, YES! I'll be home from Sydney by then and ready for a night of bad music and knitting.

  2. Poor thing, hugs.

    YAY! We LOVE the eurovision song contest (Beloved has a sentimental connection, being german an'all - he's already been checking out the preliminaries and what the competition's like!!). We will sooo be watching too!

  3. When I was having migraines (menopause has it's benefits!) one thing that helped me was to lie down in a dark room with a hotwater bottle and a blankie and then envision the blood vessels in the back of my head to be like wide silken channels, open and flowing freely. Relax, breathe, every heartbeat brings clean nourishing blood to the brain and flushes away toxins. Breathe. Relax.

    If I caught it early enough, I could prevent the throwing-up part of a migraine that way. Good luck, dear heart. I feel for you.

  4. Thanks for the migraine tips Roxie... like your visualisation ideas.

    I tend to lie down very still in a dark room, with a heat pack on my eyes, and listen to one of my Jon Kabat-Zinn mindfulness exercises.

    I don't get them every month, but since I hit peri-menopause last year (yeah, at 40, how fair is that?) my cycle has been erratic to put it mildly. This month has been a doozy :/


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