04 May 2007

Koigu Lamb

Dotter, son, and I went to Stitch'n Bitch last night - another big turnout, with 3 new knitters, and a lot of regulars - I think we've reached 'critical mass'! After we got there I discovered that Lulu had snuck into my bag - sheesh! She quickly made a nuisance of herself, being especially painful with Happy Spider's Sherpa... there was some vampiric lamb action, but the photos are too scary!

The main attraction last night was the visit of FiveFerns from Canada! It was so lovely to meet her - plus she brought pressies from afar (and yes, we did pay her back)... Lulu very quickly nicked off with my two stunningly beautiful skeins of Koigu. I'm thinking gloves or lacy wrist warmers, or something like that. I just love the colours!

Hey, Lulu - what's that in your ear??


  1. that koigu is gorgeous!! I love the green. Very, very nice. No wonder Lulu got all cheeky and tried to make off with it.

    Is that a piercing in her ears????? that must be Othlon's influence.

  2. That Lulu....she certainly was vamping it up last night. She may want to kepp an eye out for Not-So-Happy Spiders if she's going to flirt with Sherpas!

    Can't wait to see what the koigu wants to be, it is just so devine.

  3. That Lulu is a caution. What an embraceable ewe!

  4. Go Lulu--you can't go wrong with Koigu... (either you or Lulu...) And tell that sheep that those piercings will stretch as she gets older.


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