31 May 2007

Very Lucky Very Vogue

I've recently started checking out sewing patterns at op shops - it's a bit of pot-luck, as there's no guarantee that they have all their pieces, but for 50¢ a pop, it's not too much of a risk.

Yesterday I found this Very Easy Very Vogue pattern #8823 for a cool skirt, in a taped plastic bag, at Cooleman Court's Salvos. It covers both my size and Dotter's size, so I grabbed it. I like the skirt in the middle, with the buckles, and Dotter likes the swirly one on the right. These patterns normally sell for about $15. Back home - opened it - it is brand new! Pristine tissue patterns and instructions! W00t! :D

Step-mother's Pink Fluff has about 3 cm to go on the lower band... I think I'll keep some of the extra Pink Fluff for any repairs, as 2Paw sensibly suggested. There are still 2 whole balls of the stuff left though, so maybe they can go into our Stitch'n Bitch swaps basket, or to an appreciative home (would your mum like it, Taph?). I'm not about to make a matching beret!

Oh, and I might have bought a ball of Opal 6ply sock wool for my son's first pair of handknit socks. Damn, it was just so easy! He chose the colour, # 1129, soft blues and greys (near the bottom of the shop page, if you've just clicked on the link). Now all I need is a good pattern for 6ply men's socks. His feet aren't huge, a size 8 or 9. Any suggestions?


  1. ohh, I love that skirt with the buckles too - great find!

  2. What a bargain!! I look each time I op shop but there's not often a pattern I like. This is very fashionable!! My leftover wools are a sea of greens!! It can take me ages to find the right one!! Must do better labelling!!!

  3. more sewing to tempt me Jejune! Good work. :-)

    Opal is good. I like opal.

  4. I'm with your Dotter on the swirly skirt. Buckled pattern is lovely though, too, with it's straight (and slimming) styling. What a bargain on the pattern - better than eBay!

  5. I meant ... verily!

  6. Sock pattern for your Opal 6 ply yarn. You can find a Men's sock pattern on www.beadopalwoolqueen.com.au and look in 'free patterns'. Knit as 4ply pattern using slightly larger needles (3.25-3.5mm). The socks are just thicker and warmer.

  7. Thank you for your sock pattern suggestion Nola, I'll check it out! Thicker and warmer sounds just the ticket for my son :)


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