30 May 2007

Pink Fluff

Here's the Pink Fluff to date...
I'm currently knitting on the lower band, which will be fairly deep, as the body of the jacket was a little short. I'm aiming for 8cm. The colour isn't as different from the jacket fluff as it seems in this photo - the pinks blend very well. It's Patons Velveteen stuff, colour 4523, knit on 5mm needles. Kinda weird to knit with, but easier than the fluff.

Here's a detail of the cuff - just a few rows of Velveteen to finish the edges.

Still to go - the front / neck band, with 4 buttonholes. I'm just making these bands up as I go, as the pattern isn't that well written.

As for the left over pink fluff.... hmmmm, a sacrificial burning does sound tempting! But there's enough non-natural content in this stuff that it would smell real bad. Perhaps I should bury it.....

Thanks for your comments on my Meez - my inner Goth coming out! That's how I'd dress if I was a lot braver ;) And KMS, the Meez knitting animation is under 'Random'.


  1. your meez is looking hot!!! I've gotta go get the knitting.

    Pink fluff is nearly done! Hooray! I like the band. I think it's a nice addition.

    is it environmentally sound to bury something that's unlikely to break down?

  2. I have to say this - every time you mention the pink fluffy cardigan I think of Proffessor Umbridge... Perhaps you should join the Harry Potter KAL?

  3. urqAs far as novelty yarns go, the Velveteen is top notch - the lycra in it makes it more useful than most chenilles.

    It's still fluffy and pink but it's nearly finished.

    Scary as this sounds, I know knitters who would love the scraps of that stuff.

  4. Oh Meezes are popping up everywhere and they knit too!!! Don't burn the left over pink fluff. You never now when you might need it for the pink fluff cardi. I have thrown bits'n'bobs away and then needed to do a repair or something and I was sunk!!! I'm not a pink person at all, however the cardigan is very cute!!!

  5. oooh! cute Meez! She is funky!

    And you are nearly free of the pink fluff! This is a cause worth celebrating!

  6. You can always take the pink fluff to the nearest retirement center. Think of all the grannies who will be delighted to get something like that for baby knitting.

  7. Cindy on her birthday8:34 am, May 31, 2007

    Your Meez or muse? (Same thing?) Glad to see a piccie of the pink creation. I like the close-up shot, can get a better sense of the two tones. Looking good. Pink and black - that's a real 1950's/Grease look. Pink's not so bad. With a pair of black pants, might look nice. : ) I'd go very Valentine and pair it with RED! LOL.

  8. Cindy on her birthday8:35 am, May 31, 2007

    How about stuff knitted pink hearts as Chrissie ornaments?

    I'm stretching here ...


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