04 May 2007

The Cockatoos are coming!

This morning I went out the back to discover a tree full of sulphur-crested cockatoos. They're stripping the bark off our gum tree which has died from the drought. They're large noisy birds! The 8 in this photo were only most of the flock... there were probably about 12 all up. We see them around here a lot, but today's mass banquet was a bit unusual.

And here is my Knit Picks set! I'm very happy with it so far - the join between the needles and cable is smooth, and doesn't snag on stitches. The cables are very flexible, and I like the purple colour! I'd like some duplicates of the different length cables, will have to see what I can find online in Oz... My Mariah sleeve is now on a Knit Picks needle, and very happy about it too!

And here's where I've got to with my Mariah sleeve :

And the Step-Mother's Pink Fluff thing - note the black pen as a scale. She's is bloody tiny. Just as well, really, as there's only so much of this yarn I can take.

And lastly, I've been resting my leg, and can walk again, as long as I don't move my hip the wrong way - but I'm going to need an ultrasound, and probably the cortisone injection. I know I need it, I just don't want it :p


  1. look at all those cockies! Great photos.

    Oh you've moved Mariah to the knit picks. Good work. Glad to hear you're happy with them. I have put in a birthday request for some!

    Can't believe how tiny that cardigan is ....just amazing.

  2. Just to let you know that you can get all the Knitpicks needles "bits"from here http://www.prestigeyarns.com/accessories.htm

  3. Great pics of the birds - and congratulations on all the progress you're making with your pink knit and the Mariah project. Lovely yarn you've got to work on a future project from your Canadian knit-buddy. Good luck with the shot ... (ouch). Who likes shots unless they're PROOF? : )

    Poof, I'm gone ...

  4. I live in New Jersey, USA and cockatiels are birds found in pet stores. That is so amazing to me to see them in the trees like "regular" birds. I love your mariah sleeve. I did a pattern like that for a small baby afghan for my brother's child. It was challenging but interesting.


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