16 May 2007

Mariah makes progress

Here's a better photo of my Mariah sleeve - aaah, I just love those cables!

I've cast on the back, and have done about 12 rows of the cabled rib, which is ... hey Lulu! What do you think you're doing?! And where did you get those cool arm warmers?

PS Bells - I've taken my 'where I live' series of photos, but haven't got time to process them and put them online just now - coming soon, though :)


  1. I'm sorry I ever taught Lulu to knit now. Looks like she's been raiding Othlon's stash!

  2. oh my god - what a little demon-wannabe!! I love it. I want to give her a cuddle.

    Great looking Mariah. I'll catch up to you soon!

  3. The Mariah sleeve is soooo pretty! Good work!

    Lulu is SUCH a scamp! I just love seeing what she gets up to. Armwarmers, eh? What next? Scarf? shawl? Hula skirt? Beads?


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